June 05, 2011


Just pinned-up my internal submission for studio 3. well i m quite satisfied with my work so far, but still have to pray for lecturer's preference. Hope i can pay off my hardwork.

Been staying inside the room for days without outings, yumcha, not to mention movies and cheong k. But just 3 more weeks. Im gonna smack you down semester 3.

interior rendering

June 01, 2011


SORRY GUYS!! I have been totally abandoned the blog in MAY. Although its such a meaningful month to me but i was squeezing the time for sleep!

Really to say i DONT HAVE TIME to blog and i mean it. Im taking a break in lecture room now to wait for my groupmates to come then only can tutorial. omg. in order not to waste this 1/2 hour im blogging!

Seriously, i would wanted to have more than 1 brains for this critical month, as in June. Submissions are totally cramped and exams are stepping in the busy schedule real soon. Not to mention the headache submissions eva, the 3ds max video that takes up soooo long to render n burning up my laptop n desktop! Studios have piles of preparation, Bcons finalized report, Asian Architecture videos, and literature essays, ahhh! b.science integration, what else? My hand are shaking even severe.
bloggie, bless your author to pass this month smooth and stuffs are done according to plan ok? Pls pls pls :)

Well, let's briefly talks about the month of MAY

MAY, what came to my mind of cos, my birthday! I got two awesome friends, Clarisse n Felix to celebrate with me in BBQ plaza. n a surprise of cake. EHY gang in ipoh that celebrated my bday in Station 1. Also, the call from Fiishey all the way from Manchester n Turtle from Adelaide. Others will be the 200 wishes from Facebook, friends from Korea, Manipal, Singapore, UK, Melbourne, Warwick are here for me. You guys are totally awesome.
What other happenings in May? Wesak day, close frens birthday, Mommy day, Teacher day. bla bla bla. I just love MAY. But if can, please dont make me so busy next time in May. I would have better 21st birthday celebration if im not doing 3dsmax, stayed in the enclosed room for days. :(

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