June 07, 2014


While working in DMP Architects I get to propose a design for a shopping mall renovation project in Malacca. Everyone knows that the great thing about Malacca is their culture and tradition. However, These luxurious of arts and culture don't seem to be expressed much in the urban context, especially the new towers and high rises in town. 

My design tends to showcase a blend of traditional and new elements as a whole, where both the old structure and the new towers are connected. New technologies, especially on the HVAC is crucial in order to make a successful planing that promote sustainability. From the environment perspective, the site is considered as low density of landscape. Greens are proposed as a cladding, which would works both as a shading device and compensate a habitat for the biotic constituents.

extracted from tennysonlee.com

Baba and Nyonya (peranakan) culture in Malacca has its unique fusion from the two cultures. On my design, I tend to extract the art from their traditional clothing into the facade of the old structure. The ladies traditional clothing has striking colors and patterns in their batiks, shoes, accessories and what not. By adding a bright red color with these unique patterns, it forms a defined texture that could delivery its origin by its own.

What if a building that could reminds you about your ancestors, at the same time providing you your needs and comfort in the future? I think it would be really cool

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