March 30, 2012


Time had just passed like a laser. It went off from my sight just before I realize it.

It's been a month having my sweet time in skuee archi office (well, comfortable office that i can actually have my big table :D ). Busy the days with local bungalow projects. Well, i would say it was a good experience. Differs with the pervious firm, this time i could actually work closer with clients and see how difficult it is to fulfill all their requirements, n of course, money issue for all time.

The office is a nice place to work. make friends. n facebooking :P

Thanks for my lady boss, shyuan who had given her patience, not to mention the opportunity for me to handle a project from scratch. I'm totally grateful for everything. There were several times that i actually stressed out due to my dumbness in detailing n drafting. But i believed these are important for me to get better next time. We will see then :)

Lastly, thanks my bosses for the mini farewell in secret recipe. God bless skuee design in the future. n ya for IOSC too of course :)

well then, i will still contributing to skuee after this. Hope everything works well. :)

March 23, 2012


This is the 1st time of me introducing songs in my blog. This could never happened unless the songs are too good that made me desperate to share. The best top 3 songs of mine at the moment:-


This song is with simple lyrics, beautiful melody, and it describes my feeling alot. The talented dude's 2008 piece. You might think about the old song ONLY YOU.. CAN MAKE THE WORLD... blablabla. but this is totally different stuff. Jazz acoustic style- thats my favourite.
click here for the song in youtube

This song is just too awesomely emo. The 1st few tempos already a build-up of emotions. Can't never imagine the scenes in mv when you heard the song. The mv is yet a masterpiece for Katy i think.

This song. I found it hard to describe, it can always bring me to fantasy when i play it in my car, my room, even when im in the shower. It got me relaxed, yet got overflow of joy and feelings in the melody. N with Hebe's voice, it is too perfect to listen.
Check out the fantasy mv here. you will definitely love it


March 21, 2012

March in Ipoh

Hey there!
It's been nearly a month away from the last post. Indeed im not in the mood of blogging this month. LOL. there are several reasons for it.

Well, normal stuff happened along the month. I am currently working in an architect-firm as 'trainee' to fill up the empty slots of this long holiday in Ipoh. I'm quite into the job im following, not to mention the experience that i gain from the projects. Different state has their own style, rules and requirement to follow. N money? i guess it varies as well. ( PRICE DISCRIMINATION in economy)

The feeling of working in the firm is like home. Felt a little bit of stress but on the other hand, bosses are nice people till they allow me to facebook all day long. haha. Stress-less aura can assist better quality of work. Trust me buahahhaha

Another great thing to share is that my health is getting way better ever since im taking chinese medicine. I don't know why, after been years taking all the pills, cream watever u call it. the Chinese herbs and soup seem better, yet more effective than the tons of medicine from the specialist. I feel relieved. N everything is going fine up to now. Im totally grateful about it.

Here's a big smile for March, because I worth it, and same goes to you all.

P/S congratz to all the SPM-ers that got great results today :)

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