September 08, 2015


I guess sometimes we just have to be a little more adventurous. All you need to do is putting all the risks away and go explore something you are not familiar with.

3 hours train from Glasgow to Oban, the first time. Scenic view from the train, the casual food service and the old cushioned seat. That journey was a joyful one. Seafood can never be missed in Oban. Yes, I mean big mussels, fresh lobster tails and juicy langoustines.

It is a chilling small town that is richly preserved with authentic architecture in a small community. The age population is wee bit older.

Isle of mull was a great place for wild camping. 45 minutes ferry to the island, the sun was warm enough to rip away my frown.

The density in the island is even lesser than Oban. Stand alone houses are scattered along the main road, not to mention the hot bath and sauna of Craignure. An hour walk that lead us to a breath-taking golf coast next to a riverbank, unattended, which become a perfect place to camp.

It feels almost like we are the only living organisms around us.

Looking towards the coast made me more than being excited. It was a motion painting, almost unbelievable. The atmosphere was brilliant. Whilst enjoying the natural touch, the sense of water flowing, the sunset, we cheered our beer with mother nature.

At night, she greeted us with a sky fulled with stars, very magical to see but too cold to be outside the tent. terrifyingly quiet together with the gentle water flowing acoustics. it was a peaceful sleep.

I guess the point is that,

without actually doing it, I wouldn't have know that surviving in the wild can be that amazing. And aye, Scotland's charm will never fail to surprise me.

When was your last trip getting in touch with nature?

credits to eujin ong

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