March 31, 2011









March 30, 2011


harlo guys! I'm here again to express my feelings of the day. That're some sort of 'bitterness' that stuck in my heart right now and i couldnt feel any better at the moment :(

Well this morning was my studio presentation on linear walkway and centric maze design proposals. Thanked God for giving me the strength to verbally do well, as well as everything went cool according to plan. Drawings are informative, and prototype models are pretty well-made. Thanks for my group mates that give corporation along the progress.
Putting away the compliments, i feel kinda empty. I told myself i should be happy enough that my design is accepted at the 1st place, and my planing for the assignment is pretty organized. But still, i feel kinda wavy where that is something gone missing. Well but still, keep telling myself to move on and start produce more quality work in the future.

And a lightning strikes on my head right after the presentation where the review of the 1st project is out. And unfortunately, my group got a B for it. I felt depressed. Even though the lecturers have already told us that our presentation is good and well-prepared, but still they gave us a darn on marks. Speechless, yet we cant do anything about it. Trying hard to digest, n move on.

That's my up and down feeling of the day. But feel great that my building construction assignment is now getting better and better. STRAW TOWER. haha. trying very hard to make it withstand at least 2kg u know :P


March 27, 2011


Feel like typing again.

These days dont expect interesting post from me, lol. I've been using the blog as a tool to express n letting go stress.

1st class honour- nothing is easy.
As well as being a leader of anything. This and tat, too much to learn to become a good leader.
Even when im not a leader, i can see how to improve and be a better one from others. The realization is there and yea, let's talk about it.
You might thought that you always learnt only when u made a mistake. There's another 'better way' as you call it, learn from those in the position and see what's the important stuff u see thru, and avoid it. Worst, correct them when they made a wrong move!

It's 5.15am in the morning. Anything can come out from my mouth. Im exhausting, but i know i cant sleep for good. yea except for health. haha. When u got the feeling to do something u cant stop it right? Although im tired, sleepy, but i feel like continuing my work. That's nice and not to get this kinda feeling everytime. But what i will face tmr is the whole day schedule to go. darn you la architecture life.

Too much time to be sacrificed. Architecture student. Ahh.. i dunno why i have chosen you. Because u can earn me money, because u can give a pretty girl as wife, or you can give me stressless life throughout my adulthood. Neither all the above!!
DOUBTing why im now here. haha
but anyway
ppl stated ARCHTECTS ARE SEXY!!!
'i dont think so'
I GOT PIMPLESSSS just because of you!!!!!!!



I wanna achieve something. N i know im learning hard for this semester. Way to go :)

March 16, 2011


'' Everybody, they love a winner. So nobody love me''

The song stuck on my head and it reflects my feeling right now. Just came back of the whole packed school day from 8am- 9.30pm of studios, discussion, presentations, and research. n it has to be carry on tonight to finish up my proposal for tomorow.

Sadly to say we didnt performed well. Unproper planing and wrong direction of approach. Which again reflects on how i put things up together and it failed.

It feels really bad. n i know how's the feeling make you wanna scream out loud to no where. Maybe some of you might know it, im admiring a senior which is 1st class honoured and im trying so hard to achieve that level. But somehow, i just trying to ask myself, ARE YOU CAPABLE OF? sometimes when it came to work like today, i thought i can do as the best as him but it just didnt work.

Simple question to ask, am i overestimate myself?
Just a statement that is subjective.
OK. That's it to stop emo-ing for all this.

Im gonna take a cool bath, nap, and start up the spirit again n overcome it.

Life is just so dramatic i would say.

March 13, 2011


-taken from

This weekend n friday night is definitely lot to share.

Everytime when i see this picture, i felt we r just too fragile. This is like exactly the movie scene of 2012. As you know the disaster in Japan recently, it's driving everyone's mind crazy. Earthquake and Tsunami in 8.9 magnitude is really severe. Eventhough they can reduce the damage and death to the maximum but still, they cant fight with the mother nature after all.I feel depressed to what its going so wrong in the earth. Not to mention I'm worried that 2012 is cuming. aka the DOOMS DAY. Frankly, i believe it's gonna come. No matter how it changes everyone, what im hoping now is just a better tomorow everyday. Life goes on. Pray to God that the nuclear disaster can be stopped before it spread.

However, life get's fun recently especially in weekend.Getting up early for assignment compilation at Gabrielle house. That's the start of a weekend. But the following hours were awesome. 1st to have my BBQ Plaza dinner with Leo, the new housemate. Gossip of girls of course, haha. N Electric cut happened when we're home. The whole area went dark. Freaked me out though. 1st time seeing everyone's kindness to give help, esp the neighbour Aunty Lim who gave us candle.The night is still young. Everyone planned to leave the house. All tenants are out for a movie at Sunway Pyramid. But ended up the guys are drinking in Amp Square. 1st jar..2nd jar.. and it's 4th jar already. 1st time of experiencing Alcohol with Karaoke, which is fun. N yes, we getting high inside. Im drunk. Concious but cant walk properly and no energy to talk. lol. The night was ended up with something bad. But it's still fine. N i were on bed around 6am. Sleeping like an unconscious pig right until the next day 4pm. I was tired but unexpectedly no headache. N the day continued with a hang out with Kate, the aka PPY. She drove me to IKEA to seek for some useful stuff for my new room, but ended up buying 2 little things only. 1 more for Felixson.

N we went The Curve for dinner. Xian Ding Wei- the Taiwanese Restaurant. Quite a nice place to eat. The food is nice and the price is reasonable.

Yummy Taiwanese food!

Well that's my weekend to share. I love my life even more when i m surrounded with frens. N now it's Monday, 6am in the morning here. Bloggin, doing Research, facebook, n sleepy! Gonna have class at 8. Hopefully the presentation went well later. :)

This is true.
''Get Up. Survive. Go back to bed.''

March 08, 2011


Sometimes I just type when I feel like typing. This is a nameless post.

What do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror and lost the sense of doing anything? In other words, you've lost your confident of survive in the day.

I woke up in 4.10am in the morning to get myself prepared and go back to campus on time. 5am bus from Ipoh, reached KL Sentral at 7.30am and went in class at 8.15am. It's according to plan, but the feeling is not right.
Just a word to describe, HIDE.
It's been thousand times happening since 'you' stroke it over me, but seems that i couldn't have overcome it. God's playing around with me. Are You?

You might not be understanding my situation but it's fine. Just that a lot of things happen nowadays, like when you are afraid to go out and start all the schedules of the day. Yes, it's a big challenge or whatever you call it.

Life is short. Life is unpredictable, And everyone has no other choice but survive.

No matter how miserable i am, i just got to hide myself somewhere at the corner. Im not a freak, Im just unlucky :(

March 05, 2011


PHEW! Just came back from the fabulous only one concert, Mr. Jay live in Malaysia 2011!

Seriously I cant pull myself out from the feeling right now. The concert is innovative in a way that they used the 3D effects, songs as usual are superbly good, n also the atmosphere is out of control. I cant hold myself from screaming in high pitch all the time haha. Once recalling it, it could still boils my blood wow.
We went there about 7.00pm n we thought we were late. Wenda's mum is right, we can still go on 8.00pm since we paid for the seats. But mayb we just cant wait to go inside n ready for the big show. N the show ended about 11.00pm, we went dinner/supper at AC after fetching Wenda's sisters home and Pheobe Tan joined along. Haha. She ordered keow teow but ended up with mee. So pitty.
A big thank you for my bro, Wenda that have got me the ticket! :D I think the ticket worthwhile for what we experienced in this 2 n a half hours!
Let the pictures speak themselve for the night. Definitely go for the next stop! FEVA JAY CHOU FOERVER!!!!!!
after the show: it's like ants everywhere!

JAY CHOU, you're my life time idol!

more photos @ my facebook

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