January 31, 2010


Hi people!
Good news for u guys. Finally, im now getting back on track. Pink health will come very soon. Hopefully i m right. haha.. i sense im getting better. No more pain n itchy like last time. Kinda happy n pleased.

Hehe.. So hows ur guys doing out there? This week is gonna be a busy week for me. Im gonna go KL to apply for architecture in Taylors. Still planning though.
Hoping to see back classmates n frens too..
Well, hoping im ok when im going down. Hopefully the skin wont distract me..

Today's moon is so round out there. Called the 17th in lunar calender.. which means, there are 15days to Chinese New YEar! So fast right? I cant believe it too!

Had my 1st outside dinner with family after 3weeks quarantine in the house. Haha..
I feel great :)

"Tin Tong Kuk" Chinese Restaurant
dishes: Curry Fish, Salad Chicken, Vege, Egg, Soup, Claypot taufu

Well, things r going fine now. HOping this kinda disaster can be stopped last longer .. i need a healthy body to study, do things n play!

January 28, 2010

생활의 철학

생활의 철학
Philosophy of Life


































January 25, 2010


Today was awaken by Sandra's call in 10.00am in the morning. But i was still sleeping so i missed her call. lol. N then munhan smsed me. Still im not awake.
Till i woke up at 1.30pm n the feel is not really feeling nervous though. Maybe my skin is too painful everytime when i wake up. I didn think of my results. Yet, i replied Sandra n MunHan right after i settled down. I opened my laptop at 2pm n start checking on .. facebook 1st. haha. too stalk ppl's status n the results. Haha. Yea 1st i know was Paey Yee, then Sarah, Ele n MingyI.
After taking a painful helly bath, i keep my mind clear n start typing the website n oso the name n password. The result pop out quite fast. Haha. I didnt look at it straightly, but cover the Grade part. see each of them one by one.

I was so happy to see the flat head on the Econs column. Although is not an A but im satisfied. The freak part is the last one maths. I was so eager to get a triangle A. Moving my paper down slowly.. n yes i got it!!!

This is how it looks in the web in case u wanna see it. : )

First of all, i got few lecturers to thank with,
MsTee, our mentor n the maths teacher. who have been helping us all the way with her consultation.
MrMohan, the great tuition teacher of econs who taught me so much about the real world. Thank you so much!
MsSujata, the most dedicated lecturer in my class. The business studies. She always gives us support n cheers, wishes n knowledge of course. "MY FELLOW DARLINGS". i will rmb u teacher!

Also, not to be the last are my frens who helped me so much. Who support me when i needed them. Thank you each n everyone of u!

So with this result, im going to apply Taylors Architecture programme. N good news is, i can get 50% discount from the tuition fees. Hopefully, i can get it! which save up 30k.

January 21, 2010


Hello Day 6.
Last two days were really miserable time for me. Cant update the blog, mind was blind n body was too weak to write.

Still handshaking though.. But i sense im getting better slowly. Thank god the climax is over. now still pain, but getting better >< U know what im thinking these days? U wont know it. I was like, feeling bad whenever i get up from my bed. I feel like sleep for a very very long time n dont wanna get up until im recovered fully. haha..
KOMA is what in my brain. haha silly me.

Well, last nite i was mad at my dad. I felt kinda sorry to him n mum too. He asked me to do things at nite, which used to be a wrong timing for me to hear that. I talk like loud n rush upstair. He wanted me to do some typing stuff but he didn mentioned it clearly n he was not coming back at late night. I was mad with him at the phone.
But it's past la, now nothing dy hehe.

Talking about the concert! yea i m so eager to go! They r finally back Msia for a world tour concert in march. S.H.E has been my favourite female group for many years n now it's a chance for me to go n watch them. in real haha.. already asked fiishey sandra to go. hope she can make it hehe.. yea Fish? Lets rock in concert one more time haha.. Btw, anyone else wanna go?

January 16, 2010

Day 04 Deep war- Heroes rocks!

It's saturday! How have u passed it?
Should have all the fun u guys can.
MORNING ACTIVITY. yaw it's never be anything better for me. I hate morning. When i wake up. I had to do things i dont wannna do.. and of course. See what i hate, n feel what which hurts.
Well, today was like any other day. Just that no nid to work. Haha. Im free from office today. Kinda infront of the laptop for aday. Well, hands r shaking, now. I guess it's kinda normal for this condition. I can feel the shaking though. It's just not gonna be normal during this period i know.
Mom has gone for her rebonding with sisters. So then, left the boys in the house alone. Aiyarr.. u cant imagine how i taking care of the brothers. Haha. But still there r being obediant today. Phew.
Well, things i should know it is to be calm. yea that how it works.

HEROES~ This is what had made me not-too-bored. Just finished my volume 2 n now going to head Volume 3. HEHE~~ I like the story n those characters in the story, like Hiro Nakamura, a japanese who so called time traveller. Claire Bennet who can heal n regenerate any parts of the body, Peter Petrelli who can learn anything from anyone he met. Micah, a young boy who can control all the machinery in the world, do anything as he wish. That was the coolest! Imagine how he could take the money from ATM just by putting his hand of the machine. HAHA!
There r still lot of them.. some r bad, like Sylar, killing ppl by cutting of their head n eat their brain. terrible!

Just another day.. ouch its itchy!

January 15, 2010

Day 03 Deep War - RIP for victims in Haiti earthquakes

So well peeps, this is the 3rd day of my deep struggling moment in 2010. Nothing else but my skin. Sincerely to say that, thanks for the wishes from quite a few of them who support me n wish me luck. Deep thank you.
I know it just gonna get worsen in 2 days time. The dots will soon become piles n form so shapes on the skin surface. N yes it will be very painful n itchy. Like i said, is torturing. Kinda reminds me the feel when i was emitted to GH.
I afraid that i m going to give up in the war. It needs kinda patience for me not to make anything worse. Im afraid that i cant resist the itchiness n gonna scratch it like hell, n being like i-dont-care mood. But i did put some effort on it. Sometimes it just need to remove the attention by watching movies or play games. Haha. At least i ve done something. Well, compare to what im facing in 2007, it's more or less the same, but the feel is kinda different. The tuck in 2007 is diff with the one now. N like, mind-set diff in handling things. Just some thoughts came across when i was so freaking out. Damn.
Today was kinda busy day for me. Working since morning till afternoon in the office. Its hard to do works in this condition but i did it. Was facebooking n watching Heroes to pass time too. It's so damn freak. I wish to go out asap. haiz..
Funny. I discovered my skin colour is getting whiten. esp my face.. looks lighten. staying home too long ldy lorr....

Still, it's counting.. 3...4...5....

Featuring, i was kinda sad when i got updated with the news about the earthquake in Haiti. About 50 thousand ppl sacrified which is.. a big amount really. I cant imagine how isit look like if i was there. I feel pitty n, mourn the death of the victims. RIP for each of them. Power of God is really big n unpredictable. Believe it.
Sort of, lucky i guess for where im living here without stuff like this.
Hope those survivers will be safe, get helped n have their home back soonest.

January 13, 2010


This evening i went to consult doctor again for further check up. Thank god the fungus infection infection is getting better n better. BUT
When i told her to check my scalp n body. She quoted: NO WAY.
I was stunned with that seriously. I was thinking, she knows the thing. She just knows it. Me either. It's back. Phoraisis
Dear mr.disease. Why u have came back to visit me in this early? I was so worry about it. She said it wasnt a mild one. She looks frighten to me.
I was too scary to think about that anymore. Im so weak now.
Every morning wake up, sure i will carry a sense of hope when i stand infront of the mirror. It tells me the condition whether is good or bad. Mirror mirror on the wall.. i wanna a better body.
U know, sometimes i would tink that, if i could gain a surrogate i would have just be anyone i wanna be. I dont have to spend so much of money, time n effort for it. Why im the choosen one, i just dont know.

Im seriously moody n down for what im facing right now. Thanks for my family members, esp my mum n my dad who have been so helpful n caring.. Without my mum i just don't think i could pass all this. She's my great supporter at all time.

Pray so hard to end all this, at least, before chinese new year n uni life. U know, when a guy wanna to have a great crying time. it's just not gonna happen. I feel like letting go tears but it just wont work for me. I think i just need support. N certainly, healthier body ever.

January 12, 2010


U guys have no idea what im dealing with right now, some kinda challenge from God i guess. LoL.
So well! Happy 2010 n heres the 1st english post in the new year.

Things are getting worse which i could never imagined. My skin problem is abit worsen, face part are healed but turns up other parts so quickly. Covered with reddish dots, sort of like chicken pox all over the body, n itchiness do kills me. Hair scalps drop for no reason. Nobody noes what causes this happen. It's like destiny or fate for me. I could never know i have to face this again in my precious holiday ><

I feel like im kinda being QUARANTINE.
I cant go out n expose to the dirty damn air, dust and everything.
Not to expose under the sun. Yea if u ask me that i do mind people looking at me with that weird expression on their face.
So just stay in the house n do things. Of course, dad's workload. Sometimes just not feeling to do it when im not in good conditions.
But guys, dont worry about me. I just need some time to get recovered before i could really go out do anything i want. I've planned to do so much things before the holiday, n now, i couldnt have do all of them.
So just pray for me if u r reading this post. I need'em.
Well gonna visit doctor again for another check up later on. It seems thats the only chance i get to go out from my house. Haha.

Well, watching Heroes is my current 'hobby'. It's a nice series to follow up. Guess what, i just watched the whole season1 in few days, consisting 23episodes. haha. Im getting my way to nerd, hopefully not. haha.

pray pray pray.. hope to get rib of the skin problem soonnest.


January 10, 2010

哈咯 2010

2010 就这样不知觉地到了
的确 时间不等人



新的一年里 祝大家平安快乐, 万事如意

德 好好努力一切吧!
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