August 21, 2009


Wow.. such an impressing movie. UP! haha
Before this, went dinner at BBQ plaza again. I thought i never can use the loyalty card since it was already 'expired'. but so, i still can use it.. haha maybe because of lxxg zxi gua. HAHA!
Feel so good that eating my favourite BBQ by paying only.. 6 bucks? HAHA! nice man.. but but, the meal looks smaller one.. the meat is so thin like hell. haha, but overall ok la, what u expected for a free meal? HAHA

Well, about the movie..
Actually, is nothing special
an old man, a fat boy, and an old-style wooden house with balloon. what make it so popular?
haha.. story line maybe, is full of something that u couldnt think it can happen.. miracles everywhere.. haha..
yea there is something not realistic.
I dont think dog can speak like a human
I dont think balloon strength can broke the water paip
I dont think the old man is not guilty after killing a man
im so realistic that could break ppl's dream
no wonder
is PG 13!

Something to share here.. my new starbuck drinkware~!
Wheee~!!!! LOVE IT


Whee! Feel like blogging in this half an hour before going for movie~
HEHE.. bit hyper now. Cos long time didn go watch movie with frens lurr.. yeappie!

As usual go class and tuition until 3pm. Well, was surprised and amazed by this student called Ms Yvonne Tew which was student of taylors 6years ago. She is really godlike people:
doing degree of law in Cambridge
doing master of law in Havard
tutoring in UM about law now
going to do PhD in Cambridge
high achievements ~(not really noe bout the exact term)

Walao~~ is so so so fulled-brain student. Can go both places with top ranked university in US and UK. what the hell. I supposed she was those nerd, that always study study, no doing other stuff and similar with those typical one. but but, i was wrong. Surprisingly she is also a pretty girl oh! Yea once u see her, u will noe it. She is like shining star with a very bright future. I m envying her!
Well, impressed by a phrase from her when Ming ask her about her daily routine:
''Actually i dont spend whole day studying, i used to spend 3-4hours per day for academic only"'
"Spending long hours in studies are not the key factor, something that take 2hours to finish, you usually will spent the whole afternoon for it"
"Thats why i got lot time to do other things. It depends on how much are you focusing on the things u r doing"

I think i learnt something. Although i heard this for thousand times, but somehow, i think i did fully noe what should i do now
Haha. taylors is really full of miracle and amazing people.
I will never regret that I been here for my pre-u studies.
Going pyramid to watch UP! Yea~~

Another day means missing you for another day..
blek X

August 19, 2009


When you see this word, what comes to your mind?
What kind of feeling u got? Sad, happy, emo, boring, annoyed, ng song..
For me,
I feel like there is a heavy stone in my bloody brain
I feel like blogging now eventhough im busy
I feel happy to have someone's concern
I feel sad for something.
Feel. Feel. Feel. Everything included Feels

Another normal school day in Taylors. Once again i skipped the 1st Econs lecture in the early morning. Bloody sunbath in Subang area is toturing. Feels bad. If im a girl i will definitely carry an umbrella anytime with me to avoid getting extra headache from Mr. Sun.
Well, hang in my resit form for Econs today. At that moment my wallet become lighter, my mind capacity reduced, my leisure time in sloping condition, and peer pressure went up. It is a compulsory thing to do to get an A for overall marks. I need the A desperately .. haiz.. no doubt i can be kia su in some ways. haha.. Keep worrying about myself will infected illness since my headache seems not going off that easy. I rest too much everyday because of this and too bad, panadol active fast do not help that much. Hope get a call from.. haha.. but is impossible. If this happened i think i will gonna recovered automatically. Haha.. soh zai..
Feeling odd nowadays. My Alevels life in taylors will gonna end soon but recently something bad happened in my college life. I dunno what to do, how to solve and when can end all this. I hope i will have a happy ending of my college life.. hopefully it is. Want to have fond memories with all my friends in school, subang and kl. Well, i wont be expressing everything from my brain from now on to reduce any uncertainty that might happen, you never noe what will gonna happen tmr, later or next coming hours.
Peace v^^v

Gonna start work again ldy.. chiao guys~~

Meaningful quote..

August 16, 2009


hey frens.
wanna start keeping myself busy with studies ldy..
hopefully wont affected by you

Give me support my friends. I need it.

*Engine started*

August 15, 2009

没有DT的日子 第二零零日 雾 [之慧慈篇]

谣.. 不知不觉跨过了两百天.
aint 兴奋忧愁.

DT ... daily torns
哈 两百天不算得了什么

最近最忙的, 莫过于我的平台
哈 咱的小小生意


慧慈- 也是一个努力赚钱的咔
最残的, 还给丈夫抛弃了
Oh My God qu (慧慈)
Understand? (慧慈)



Well, Business Club keeping me busy for the whole week.
Yupe.. thats the one "WISH UPON A CRANE"!
Although feeling odd about the whole work. Yea, frankly speaking that many many unfavour stuffs going on during the production, preparation, management etc. But somehow, it runned kinda smooth~
Cranes~ which people believe those will bring miracle that make your wish came true.

I was in charge of the ticketing with Sandra and two other staff. Yea distributing booklets, sell ticket and say WELCOME. Also, help Bryann on selling foods and drinks beside. helping each other..

Thanks for lydia who willing to spend sometime and money for the show. "ALONE". I was worrying her and scare she will be bored, cold n sleepy. haha.. but luckily she still fine. Thanks girl! ^^ Well, keep ffg from ppl is more than normal ldy. I wasnt get used to it but somehow thousands aeroplane i have got for these days. why ah? Am i that scary ah? XD
first him, then him, then her, than her oso, then..
Haizz. why ah..
i have no idea.

thousand cranes are flying oooo...

Well, the play is nice seriously. Nice story line, nice costume, make up and tracks. But i think there all too little character, props are cincai, and the song always use back the same one. Is kinda.. like, har? these song again ah? HAHA.. then wenda's gang funny though, keep smiling the white spirite dancing taichi wo. haha..

me n ming XD

Mm, everything is done. Phew.. now, have to FOCUS ON MALL AND TRIALS.

August 13, 2009


Is a bird, is a plane! but where is pauline and zac?
wuaha, is a lame opening tough XP.

Well, yesterday was my school charity day, something like a food fair, selling foods, games and stuff. For me? im helping my business club selling baskin robbins at a corner near cafeteria. I was surprised that, someone is not arround to help out eventhough there is no class for the day. Well, i supposed, they r kia su ppl. haha.. come on, eventhough the no.1 student is standing at the booth there selling cups. haha. u think these two hours will make u fail A2? haha..
Well, diff ppl got diff thinking la. we cannot say that they r wrong oso.

Ok let's talk back about the day. Everyone loves charity day! haha, because there is no class for 9to1pm.. woohoO~ hang arround with frens and buy this buy that during the time.. I was excited and yet, love to hunt something in the crowd. haha.. u should noe what i mean XD. Suddenly girls from my class rang ele up. They asked us to accompany them to go Vampire house. hahaha.. as so we went in. I was not being sked, but make joke on them. THEY ARE NOT SCARY AT ALL! Haha, i wonder why someone screaming inside.. (for what oh). the vampire doesnt look like a vampire. the props are very cincai.. haha. lame though. wasted RM3..

Hearsay, Baskin Robbin is always the best seller. It was a success to get the ice-cream at a cost price which is 2.50. we managed to sell it at rm5. Although working hard to sell and no going to get any money, but i dont care about that since it is for charity. If my effort worthwhile to save some patients which are suffering kidney failure, then is good enough ^^
Yea, it reminds me about Krispy Kreme. I failed to get it for the charity day. It was all my fault that i couldnt have a chance to talk directly to Ms.Jac. I tried, n tried, but at the end no reply. mm, btw, at least i did do the best. Hopefully, ele could get the sponsor from KK for the Battle of the Band too. All the best bro.
People do give help to each other. I supposed frens do the same thing. haha..
Its been a busy day for me. I was totally exhausted after the maths class at 1pm. Quickly went back to have a good rest.


August 09, 2009


EVeryone is welcome!

My mall is finally opened today! Visit to look for cheap branded goods in malaysia!

- You got up to 15% discounted products to purchase
- Save time
- Save petrol
- 24hours available
- Never be crowded/queue up
- No need scare of H1N1
- U can shop at anywhere you want
- No need to pay commision to retailers

Any question or any part you guys dont understand in the site, do not hesitate to contact me k?


August 07, 2009


Dont have much things to share about this post.
So called 'Type song jek'

next monday..


[ 10/8/2009 ]

Vital moment of CAL students. AS results will be posting online n yet, i have to check it at school during my class.
Such a gengjiong thing to do.
How ah? If get a bad result?
Means have to retake the papers that bring piles of workload.
Bring extra stress and pressure.
People comparing results in school, Koreans will compare with Malaysians, such a big deal.
Gosh, two days left.
It's gonna be a hard time.


August 04, 2009


Just spend 10minutes and take a look at this

Fernandez Tries to Change 'Top-Down' Culture He Sees Among Managers in Asia By CRIS PRYSTAY

Malaysian Tony Fernandez founded Air Asia, Asia's first low-cost carrier, in 2001 and expanded the company by setting up joint-venture airlines in Thailand and Indonesia. Mr. Fernandez, 42 years old, graduated from the University of London in 1987 with a finance degree and in 1992 moved back to Malaysia, where he became managing director of Warner Music Malaysia, and later, vice-president of Warner'sSoutheast Asian operations. He quit in 2001 to start Air Asia. One of Malaysia's most outspoken business executives, Mr. Fernandez not only has strong ideas on the way airlines should be run, but also how Southeast Asia's top-down corporate culture should change. He spoke to reporter Cris Prystay about his style.

WSJ: What was your first job and what did you learn from it?

Mr. Fernandez: My first job was a waiter in London at the Cavendish Hotel. I was 17. I learned that working was hard and you had to be professional, even as a waiter. You had other colleagues. If my performance was poor, it let down the whole team.
My first [career] job was as an accountant at an auditor in London. It was mind-blowingly boring. I was a junior auditor and was photocopying and adding up rows of columns. The big lesson there: make sure you go into a job that you enjoy. Otherwise, you don't give any value to your employer, and you certainly don't add any value to your own mind.

WSJ: Who gave you the best business advice?

Mr. Fernandez: It was probably Stephen Shrimpton (the former chief executive officer of Warner Music International) at Warner. I was a man in a rush. I was 28 when I became the managing director of WarnerMusic Malaysia, and I wanted to be the regional MD. I wanted to takeover the world.One night, Steve talked to me outside the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kongfor for three hours. He told me there's no need to rush and that it's about developing my own personality and making sure I'm ready for the next job. I see that now: No matter how bright someone is at 25, there's nothing like experience. He slowed me down, and made me understand that you need to take time -- to understand the business better, to understand your people better.

WSJ: What's the one thing you wish every new hire knew?

Mr. Fernandez: Humility -- and knowing what the real world is like.The new generation is coming in pretty soft. A lot of these young guys haven't lived through a recession. There are plenty of jobs out there and they think, "I can always walk into another job." The hunger and determination to do their best is sometimes not there.

WSJ: Is there a difference between the management culture in Asia and the West?

Mr. Fernandez: The management culture here is very top-down. There's less creativity and fewer people who are willing to speak out. They're more implementers than doers. There's less freedom of speech, and that impacts the business world. Even when they know things are not right, they won't speak out. They just do what they're told to do.

WSJ: What's the biggest management challenge you face?

Mr. Fernandez: To get people to think. At AirAsia, we want 4,000 brains working for us. My biggest challenge is to get people to talk, to express themselves, to get people to challenge me and say "Tony,you're talking rubbish." That's what I want, not people who say "Yes,sir." The senior management doesn't have all the answers. I want the guy on the ramp to have the confidence to tell me what's wrong.

WSJ: What are you doing to clear that hurdle?

Mr. Fernandez: We have no offices. We dress down. You wear a suit, and you put distance between you and your staff. We're on a first-name basis. I go around the office, around the check-in desks, the planes constantly, talking to people. Fifty percent of my job is managing people in the company. You get people to open up to you by just asking them to do it, and then responding to them. You don't send a memo, ordo some "speak up" incentive program. It's got to be from the heart.

WSJ: What was the most satisfying decision you've made as a manager?

Mr. Fernandez: Once a month, I carry bags with the ramp boys, or I'm cabin crew, or at the check-in. I do this to get close to the operation. I also want to know my people. When I first started this, I met all these bright kids at the check-in or carrying bags. We were starting this cadet pilot program, and I said, "Let's open it up to anyone. Let some of these kids apply." They have the brains, but they just didn't have the money to get the education. Out of the first batch of 19 cadets, 11 came from within the company. Some of these boys got the highest marks ever in the flying academy. There was one kid who joined us to carry bags, and 18 months later he was a First Officer of a 737. Can you imagine what that does for the motivation in the company? Everyone talks about developing human capital, but we did it.

What an interesting thing i have learned. Humility. Looks like every successful businessman did cares for their employees as like their own family members. Mr. Xavier Tan did that too.
Democratic Leadership rox.
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