December 25, 2013


I've heard of this restaurant since when Gabrielle was still working in DMP,she showed me some awesome foodporns in her cellphone telling me how delicious the food she ate here. So yea, some good food for christmas.

Something totally weird where the main entrance of the restaurant is totally UNSEEN. I tried to locate the restaurant by visual, but I never get to find it until I got the direction from the receptionist. There are two entrances, one is from the outdoor car park space, and the other one is actually from the village grocery! Surprise. lol.

The design is quite identical to most of the franchise restaurants which is cozy and modern. The noise here is quite bad anyway, but tolerable.You'll be welcomed by a long mirror when you enter the restaurant ( if you use the entrance at the car park area). As usual, you gonna queue and wait for your seat. The tables they got here are quite limited, it was full-house when I arrived. The service was good, friendly waiter/waitress.

As a starter, i order pork meatballs, 3 per serving, with tomato sauce. ( Actually i can't wait for some porks ) They are juicy where you would feel the contented pork while you bite them.

They serve variety of drinks: alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, shakes, soft drinks, etc. I was surprised by the variety of wines they got here, it's like a wine shop. Alcoholics gonna love them. We picked up mix berry milkshake and butterscotch  milkshake for.our drink The butterscotch is fantastic. Someone said that the berries milkshake was tasted like a cough drug. LOL

The wolf's favourite pasta ( RM29.00)
Pork Lover's Aglio Olio (RM29.00)
Caesar Salad With Fried Poached Egg (RM22.00)

The restaurant serves pork knuckle (RM98), pork burgers, pastas, asian pork cuisine, soups, etc. We ordered their recommended pasta as our main course. Personally the so called 'wolf's favourite pasta' tasted marvelously good. I like how they combine the crunchy and soft bacon together with creamy pasta, some mushrooms and an egg. The noodles are welly cooked too. However, though the aglio olio tasted good, but someone claimed it was too oily. They have roasted pork in the pasta as well. The portion of their food was just ok, maybe to some big appetite dudes they might not be enough.

merry christmas face

I will probably come back for more!

LotG1A, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village,
No.1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur.
+60 3-2283 2270
Operating Hours:
Mon to Sun -

Price: 3/5 Slightly above average (imposes 16%tax) Customer Service: 4/5, NO wifi available
Food: 4/5
Environment: 5/5


My little christmas doodle and comic dedicated to this year's season. Quacks!

hohoho, looking forward into a brand new year

November 29, 2013












October 13, 2013


For most of the ipoh-ians Plan B is a new place for fine dining. Being as a half-kl-kia like me, this Plan B by Studio Bikin KL, together with landscape architect Seksan, it gives a new experience of enjoying their food, of course, in Ipoh style. The restaurant is actually an adaptive reuse of the old premise. It is located next to the sekeping kong heng, and this new installment in Ipoh's old town had successfully bring up some crowd at night. Pictures below show how different are the Plan B settings in KL.
Plan B publika, mon't kiara
Plan B, midvalley

That's my dinner-mate Chooi Lian of the night. Glad that she able to make it for me after her piano class, it's been awhile.  Let's back to the Ipoh's Plan B. Like any other typical restaurants, you can choose to dine either indoor or outdoor, both have cool ambiance and surrounded with greens. Notice the sofa that we were sitting on? That's actually gunny sack, and it's not very comfy though.

outdoor dining
indoor dining
that's exactly same menu like the one in KL. Oh, same pricing too
The food was ok. Nothing much different from the one in KL. However, it was my first time trying their mushroom soup. That's delicious *yum*

Mushroom Soup RM13.00
Cappucino, RM8.00 & Macchiato, RM7.00
Sweet Potato (fan xu) Fries, RM 18.00
KimChi Chicken Chargrill, RM23.00
They serve sandwiches, burgers, spaghetti, asian cuisines and desserts. There will be imposed tax of 16% for dining here. Anyway, hearsay that their nasi lemak is definitely worth a try. Maybe I'll try it next time. Other perspectives of the restaurant:

Other than the gunny sack i had mentioned earlier, I felt great of spending time here. That was like the feeling of being home. How i wish to have my home, like you can enjoy the peace, listen to jazz, beautifully landscaped, and architecturally favorable. Just come and feel it yourself. My dinner mate loves to come here for her coffee XD 

No.75, Jalan Panglima,
30000 Ipoh Perak. 
Tel No: 05-2498286
Operating Hours:
Sun- Thurs-
Fri & Sat- 9a.m- 12a.m

Ratings: Customer Service: 4/5, wifi available
Food: 3/5
Environment: 5/5

October 11, 2013


I was supposed to share these awesome views of Utar since my visit on March, well finally I'm now tended to do so. Haha, I guess that the campus shouldn't have vary much in the past six months. This building is what my mind would think of whenever I came across the word 'Utar'. Couldn't help with it, it's too iconic.

It is not hard to find element of the traditional Chinese architecture elements throughout the new building in Utar. You know, like long linear corridor, shiheyuan (courtyard), fengshui implementations, symmetrical proportion and what not. I think it's interesting to have students study in such ways, and these spaces have no doubt in adding value to the surrounding environment.

This pre-fab private chalet could be found at several area around the campus, providing students to have an individual chill out/study space, though they are not very well maintained. But somehow this reflects how student's welfare are being considered. Just another restaurant for the mosquitoes then.

Greens are valuable. The campus are very well landscaped, despite there are still dense daylight exposures in some area. For the courtyards, they should be appreciated. These skinny tall trees ain't cheap you know.

They are more architecture elements to be found. Took a good glimpse of the languages they applied

This library of Utar is my favorite. Understandable details, and I cherish how the rhythms of the windows are carefully arranged. However, the building seems to be under-maintained especially on the bold envelope. Those individual elements on the outside are somehow outstanding, kinda lacking shades. They didn't tell the same stories with the premise though, I think.

You will be welcomed by an opened main staircase with skylight while entering the building. Love it

This lake view in the library is totally breathtaking. Imagine while you get so stressed up, you can just take a short break and enjoy such wonderful scene of blue skies, you know.

So the architect of UTAR development is The Architectural Network (TAN). For your information, they received the PAM gold award in the education category 2013. And my current boss Jay was the UTAR council member. That explains the cups in my office pantry are labeled with UTAR logos. Woops

That's all, should also thank to the two quties for bringing me a day trip around UTAR. Ms Lee Sau Yin and Ms Elaine Wong Ee Ting. I love the campus, students should have embrace it! :D

October 08, 2013


So it's been 3 months working in DMP
Assitant Architect that passed his probation period
most probably my hunger of knowledge that kept me going
shall keep walking and look forward to the future event
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