October 17, 2014


It's been a month in Glasgow, Scotland. Mum just reminded me in the morning about it when we had conversation on Wechat. Time flies so fast before I actually realized it. 

 The memories of the farewell at KLIA and the feeling of the first step walking out from the plane to the airport were still fresh, I was so proud of myself that I can made this far to travel, study, and enriching my experience in Europe. I was like, here I come! (breathe in). I think I have done quite a lot in the past 31 days. Most of the things are new to me, but thankfully i could adapt the culture here in a short period of time. I remembered the first trip that I made was to Kevingrove, where it was located at the West End, somewhere outside city centre. I was so excited to experience every little things like talking to strangers, find own food, look for place to go, and so on. 

I had three housemates, they are Jack from China, Ardi from Indonesia, and Mek from Thailand. They are duper friendly and we used to cook dinner together in our flat. We were so addicted in cooking especially stores like Aldi sells variety of meats, pre-cooked food and daily goods. I started to try and error different kinds of Chinese food which my mum used to cook for me back in Malaysia. So far, I learned fried rice, steam egg, soups, and some simple Chinese dishes. Probably more to come. Jack Ardi and Mek are students from the business faculty for a course period of one year. We are planning to go to the north such as Highland, Isle of Skye together at least once for the landscape over there.  

For my study, studio and dissertation are my main priority. I wish to do a better design and develop better thinking in spatial layout. So far, the tutors have been very helpful. Hospice is my first project, and second project is about designing a bathhouse. They are challenging, though, I find it interesting to explore. Dissertation is going on a right track now, according to my supervisor. I faced some problems at the beginning on defining a much focused title and research. Hopefully what I had chosen for my dissertation title will be helpful for me in the future. To balance up the study life, I continued my gym routine here with the fees of 96 GBP per year, which was so cheap. (if bluddy compare with CF)

Glasgow has been the furthest I have traveled so far in my life. It's lively, at the same time peaceful, and friendly city. A lot of shopping can be done, tonnes of museums to visit, and most importantly the landscapes. I have a few wish-to-go-places on my list which I hope I have chance to visit them when I am free from assignments. Lowest temperature was dropped to 1C and there is regularly strong wind around the centre. Primak became my favorite shopping place, and i tried getting a haircut at a barber for 8 GBP. Not too ugly lol. (People often said Asians can do better hair-styling, now i think their statements are credible)

Live. Experience. Work.

I could finalized my involvement in Glasgow for the past 1 month with these 3 words. Live: blending in myself in an unfamiliar context. Experience: exploring things like local food, great architecture, public transport, speaking slang and most crucially the weather. Work: spending enough time and effort on studies and side studies at the same time.

I believe things are gonna be better over time. This is just the beginning for my 2 years journey. Hope the weather goes manageable during winter,


October 05, 2014

与守护者的 第63天









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