October 30, 2011


Trying hard to survive in these 7 days break. Oh yea, supposingly a so-called break to allow extra happiness happened with friends and family. Guess what? The silencer 'viral' just came back uninvited.
Yes, i wonder, why is this happened every time when there is a holiday period for me to hang out? even that my plans to go travel and hang around were simply ruined. I wonder that's a signal from God to keep me away from all these. Isit God? Isit?
Well then, it's been so tough like the old days. I've been quarantined myself in my room for a week without going anywhere, meeting anyone. Except for a day that i went for laundry in ss15. Weather seems to be a gift from the sky to cool down the temperature of the town. I felt slightly better in these rainy days. My meal list has been totally unhealthy. Cup noodles-mcdonalds-bread-biscuits. I've no choice since i couldnt go anywhere with this weak body. It's too painful to walk around for food. Legs are like sprained, body is so hard to bend, and even hands shaking for no reason. Life has been difficult to have such terrible body condition.

Well, You might think that i loved to complain my condition again, but at least i felt better psychologically to have words putting into this blog. They are being shared instead of keeping inside my heart. This is part of my life. I just can't help to make my life any better. Looking at the terrible disgusting legs and arms make me feel like a zombie. I hate skin problem!!!!!

That's it for my break. Brain is just tired to get recovered. I wish i could spend all the time for something else.

October 28, 2011


something that I made for my desktop. It's been awhile, the happenings were all great.

October 26, 2011


Happy Deepavali to all the indian friends out there.

Celebration for myself? Oh well, nothing is more important than sleeping. LOL, i have been sleeping all the way in the afternoon until 7pm. Yea, it was a lazy day, yet to recover asap from my skin health again. Looking at the sick body makes me feel bad. Hope can get rid of all the rashes before coming week. Really
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