May 14, 2011


Hi Sunday morning! 8am is the best to sleep somehow.

Just finished some models and got some ideas on head, transforming to some awesome concepts(hopefully). Haiz, life as an archi student is just too unbalance. U can choose to sleep, but you wont. Not to mention hang out. That's always a solid pull back from these that i couldnt help from it. Life is getting busier from second to second, n at the same time quite boring. Wake up, working for subjects to subjects , and sleep. Been staying in the room for 2/3 day, plus minus eating outside n doing business in the toilet. Super-sienz. Plus the room is now equally mess with the studio at school.
LOL. Imagine that.

So well, i have chosen to live that way. I have made the decision last two years ago and i said i will concur it no matter what. Somehow, i would still complaining to you, my blog. how stressful, how busy, how meaningless, n how lonely i am during the university life. Yet I know a person that is successful in life wouldnt have complained but solve their problems. But letting go the words stucked in the brain is the best way to keep me going on the routine. Yea, release does works. should be the way that leads to my great mission of the semester.

Keep Going. N archi-mates, go go go

May 06, 2011


Luckily. I'm just recovered from my ill in 2 days. Thanks panadol soluble!
Well, this week was really not a good wan. Lucks seem to be in negative where lots of annoyed bad things going around. Especially yesterday.

It is all about my room key. The 1st time i have left it inside my room. Like the usual days, i used to check my pocket before i actually push the lock button on. This time, i misdid it where i thought the coins are the keys. My mind was just noob for that period.
N how i discovered it is the worst part. I have walked all the way to school, sat down in the lab and wanted to print out an assignment from the pendrive. U guess it, the pendrive is actually attach with the keys, and yea, that time i realised that i was having nothing but coins in my pocket! I try search n search for a long time but it wasnt there. Started to be abit panic. I called the landlord asking when he can drop by n give his help. He told me 8.30pm where 4 hours more to go. I thought it was fine since i have night class right until 8.30pm.
Before my class started at 6:30pm, he called me n told me he is not free to come and asking me to wait until 10pm. I cant do anything but just follow what he said. N yea, he came at 10pm, n my rm50 just flew away as penalty for my mistake. I try to ask him for sympathies since it's my 1s time of careless. He was yea, a strong no. I was abit disappointed.
Carrying the sick body, down to the bed. I just cant carry the day any longer but rest as much as i can to recover myself. Hate the feeling of tiredness, yet cold sweat and empty mind.
How could the day be any worse like this if my luck wasnt there with me.
Where have u been?

May 01, 2011

One Lazy Day

was sitting inside amp square right now. beers. n doing assignment with laptop? haha
let's talk bout yesterday

Yesterday was a day of sausage outing. haha.
Was waking up around 12.30pm. Looking at the window, it was pretty bright shining. Angry birds are ringing continuously from the phone. Felixson messaged me to wake up and get ready for the trip to KL. Mummy called me to tell me that grandma is getting back to KL tomorow. And yea, i know it will be a day of enjoyment and zero studies. :P
Met Felix and Nic at school around 3pm. Felix surprised me with the f'ing awesome hair cut from the salon at school. Haha. He was pretty annoyed by the people lously skills and keep telling me he wanted to make himself bald. LOL
We went Kelana Jaya just to take LRT n switching monorail @bukit nanas. After that, we are here at bukit bintang.

Sungei wang--farenheit--pavilion--lot10. Quite pretty nice outing aniway. Bought something i wanted from Uniqlo. AT LAST!! haha. taeyang's tshirt. but too bad i cant search any sweater there that i really desperate too. haha.
The day is fulled with fun. so called sausages have all their own fun. Felix finally cut his hair at A-salon farenheit where he praised the professional service with cheap price.

I was pretty tired. but yea craving for the next trip! Probably putrajaya

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