November 30, 2009

IPoHh lang =Part 1= (lydia's farewell)

Ahh it seems long time haven update everyone about my life recently. Well, holidays should be great leh.. But somehow for me is kinda.. weird i think.

Mm so lets starts from last Thursday:
Today is a busy day. Many things need to be settled before going back Ipoh. TmNet stuff, buy present, bills, etc.. n oso, my 1st laser surgery in life. Thats Ranjit Singh specialist in subang jaya. I wasnt that relax as it mentions in some websites. when it hits your skin, you can really feel like kena shoot by the laser n sort of electric shock on the skin.. Pain, itchy, tinkelish. Oh well, hope this big money will really cure my skin better.
This was my last time to spend time with the housemates, esp Xiarn who always called me Xifu since from the very beginning. Now no more people calling me tat way. Miss you wei! Haha. Went pool with him n Jo Ee and then Xiarn planned to go for a haircut. When we reached peak-a-boo. It was just closed buahaha. he was so disppointed. After that we go n queue in the cinema to buy tickets for Astro boy. *With the astro pose on* We went Carls Junior for dinner before going into the cinema.

Friday :
It was my last day in Subang, is going back to Ipoh for the long holidays. No longer staying in ss15/6A No.87 after today. So like, crazily packing and busy watching TVB drama. Haha.. Gong Sum Gei. Yes it is nice.
Well, in the afternoon been to LCCT to send the indo monkey back to her forest. It was my 1st time going there oso. SOmething bad happened when Wenda said he had no car for the day since his mum went to cousin wedding with his car. So im like.. wth? No choice but have to take a cab. N u know what? Cab is like super expensive. Go n back is like almost RM150. Can u believe it? I can buy a polo T already. haha.. but it's worth la, since is last time to see her dy. But too bad nobody can fetch me go.. sad..

That's LCCT. Looks big right.

At nite im still packing like nobody business yet feel so exhausted. Imagine to pack everything by urself without any help from frens like last time, clothes, stationary, notes, books, accessories, fittings, bags, healthcare products, kitchen stuff, is like a bunch of things need to pack n depack after going back ipoh. Parents and brothers came like 11pm and have their supper at AC. After that only we back Ipoh n reached like about 3am..

The photo cant show how big it is. Big pile wei ><

These coffee tin were collected in my room for somedays. the purpose it to calculate how many coffee had i consumed since i moved to here. haha.. guess what? It's 106 can.

It's like.. wow. Need to depack everything again. Im like, get the hell out of me X(. No choice but get to work. XD

November 23, 2009


Thats the only thing i did yesterday. Buahahaa. Holiday is like that gela, don;t u think? Too free. Until u sleep oso dont want to wake up. Cos wake up oso dunno what to do. Buahahaha.

Today started the day on 1something. Was doing nothing other than staring the laptop. Bleach and Facebook. N now, blogging. Haha..

Well, today was my last time playing pool with Lydia Terisno. Was delighted when she brought me some thousand layer cakes and mango. Tried one slide.. quite nice though. Tomorow will eat it with coffee.. haha.. And the mango. smells good and damn BIG wei.. dunno nice to eat onot. Too bad i have no knife here in subang. GOnna bring back ipoh and share with family..

Super big size mango from Indonesia ^^

Thousand Layer cake. ''Terima Kasih''

The pool with 6games. Tuck VS Terisno .. the result is 4wins 2lose. HAHA!! At last i won her. That was closed for few games to see whos the one who hit the 8 into the holes. Haha.. Had fun with her for the last time. N she is drinking beer and pretending with one slices of lemon on the glass. Buahahaha
After that we went the AliBaba Mamak to have something to eat n chat. Haha we had some nice food there, esp the green colour mutton curry. Not too spicy and the meat is not too hard. But the naan ma-ma dei lol.
So headed back home in a small rain drops. It will be last time walking back with Lydia. Hope she will keep the memories in Subang wherever she is in the future la.
Gonna meet her for the last time in friday. T.T
Gtg la.. Bleach session continues**

November 22, 2009


Haha. Plan on goin. TOday is Sunday! (so what?) Yea nothing to do today. Was planing to go for EMERGE RISING the finale but then ended up not going. Mm just some problem personally so prefer not to be revealed here.

Oh so, too free today. No plans by the way. Should be now somewhere in genting but it didnt happen. N should be preparing myself for the part time job as a helper in some sort of book fair, but ended up taken by some other ppl. Oh well, nevermind. PLan other things to do.

BACK TO BASIS for my small little stuffy room. As usual, Cleaning, moping, packing, laundry, everything. Worst part is to clean all the dusty notes under the bed. Also, rearrange everyhing back to how it looks initially since im leaving soon. Have to put everything look exactly the same like how it looks before i came in. It took me 4-5hours to done everything. Funny part is, at the end of the cleaning, i packed 6 fulled garbage! Walao~ Cant imagine i live with them for like few months dy.. really scary.. imagine it.. ahh dirty little duck.

Kinda exhausted after everything is done. But it's always the best when u see ur urself done everything and made everything so nice, clean and tidy. Highly satisfied. Buahahaha..

Tomorow try to get myself busy again. Need to start applying unis, and oso pay the bills that i havent clear yet.. mm maybe pool? Depends on Terisno la. If she is free then go.. beat her for the last time.. haha..

Is to enjoy after all the work, Espresso Cheesecake and Oldtown white coffee. I just cant resist. F'ing nice!!

KK... done. Gonna sleep soon. Ciao guys ^^

甜酸苦辣, 怕你么

现在chinese终于重现于德国啦.哈哈.. 再不打中文的话恐怕会生疏了
小子并非写作精英, 用的词语也没有很广
不会读中文的外籍朋友门就对不起咯 XP
(For those who cant read chinese, sorry yea XP )

这次名为甜酸苦辣 是想表达一下咱最近的生活

甜- 为考试完毕. 心情大放松

酸- 为朋友之间的纠纷

苦- 为自己的健康苦恼. 为大学一事伤脑筋

辣- 为属一些刺激性的事. 旅行被取消, part time job 没了

烦.烦.烦. (sick.sick.sick)
人生就是这样. 四味俱全.
只望甜的能够维持久点咯. 而其他的. 快递拜拜啦

哈哈. 在发挥自己的词语. 好象有点班门弄斧叻
玩玩下罢了 X)
写中文很伤神.. 还是写英文露..

November 20, 2009

Emerge Rising 2009

Started with: Tonite's gonna be a good good nite
Venue: Sunway Convention Centre
Time:8.10pm to 11something

This was my second time to go Emerge KL. No doubt it was a blast.
Had porridge in Asia Avenue before going in with Samson, Kenny and another guy. They came all the way from ipoh to subang just for the 3days event. Semangat~

ONce again i feel like im being in a concert. Haha.. i like all the songs again and oso the school parade. But too bad no more beatboxing this year. N the beatbox class, sounds nice huh. Rm50.. too expensive wei..

one of the performer- Xiao Kang

Well, this time compare to the 1st time going i feel the difference. The 1st time going, is like, what is this? and yet i dont get the point of the function n treat it as something entertaining.
But now, i think i can think further than that. well, is something weird to b there when u see people's pray for their God, but then u r not actually have the same religion as them. But what i could have learn is, understand more about Christianity. No doubt, for Bible to Pray in Tongue. I had better understanding for all this.
Dr.Kong the paster had share his story and past knowledge to everyone in the hall
He taught me: Dream
There are 3 things to have in ur dream: God's will, Talent, and People's want.
Dream have both good n bad. It's not neccesary to be the same everytime but time to time, you will know what's dream is for you. GOd delivered different gifts to different people.
This is something i learnt for the day. Hope i have not type anything mistakes but still, i think is good to have God to accompany. But somehow, i would have think, why Christianity can be like, following the changes on earth and trend. Time to time, they changed. But for my Buddism, it never change. Maybe its due to the nature of the religion? I dont know.

From my name YeanTuck, in Chinese, there is a meaningful word behind it. I should become what it suits the name.

Emerge Rising 2009 Grandly opened.
May going to their finale too

War is OFF-Im survived with the war!

today finnaly done with all the papers in A2. The last paper is Economic 32, the mcq questions.. mm.. looks hard but still is do-able. So no worries.
Just hope that on 25th january is a blessing day.
guess what. Im finally done with Alevels, which is totally finished everything!
No more taylors, no more classes, no more papers. Whee

After 1and a half years of studying in taylors, now everything is ended. Feel so great.
Yea life has to move on, now is time to decide my tertiary prgramme. N yes, It's holiday now! Wweeee~
1st thing to do today will be the Emerge later and tomorow will be going Genting for the class trip. So nice man.. ooo ..
No more economics too~ haha
gtg dy

November 19, 2009

War is ON- More pains in the internal war

These days im suffering some stress.. something which is out of the war but still is so unexpected to happen.
Something that is so simple can be accelerate into so bad situation indeed. Im so surprised. But then is reasonable to happen. Maybe just that, we r still so childish and dont have the human sense to be calm or, care peoples feeling on both way. Why ah.. is it unmature to argue something like that? Just a small stuff n
AFFECTING FRIENDSHIP? do u think it is worthwhile?

Well, names are not to be revealed to avoid any worse cases. I was once again dissappointed and yet sad from what i received in sms. Some just mentioned it like, sarcarsm? i dun no.. Seems apology doesnt really work.

Come on, let us to be more like an adult. Dont argue about this anymore ok
I dont want to lose anyone anything becos of this.
Please, think again.
What u did to us

Arghh.. tomorow last paper for A2 at 1pm.. all the best to everbody FOR THE LAST TIME

November 17, 2009

Last Outing with Deok Soo 'Hyeong'

It was a super disappointing day since there were so many people didnt make it to the lunch we planned for DeokSoo. This was the 1st class outing and may be the last too. But still quite number of classmates couldn't it. Super sad

Well, at last, Leeseul, Da un, Hueyching, me, Wenda, Wenda's girl, and Deoksoo. Sweet yee was intially going but ended up not going oso. Sad..Despite all the sadness, yet is still quite a nice lunch with them. Yea 1st time, feel that there is no boundaries with the Koreans, we gossips a lot and talk till so high and laugh like mad.

I am a Delicious Virgin. Haha, that place was awesome. The interior design of the restaurant is so damn nice. Dunno why, we all take pasta there haha. Almost everyone eating the same thing. And oso, majority taking coke duno why. But for me im taking Coffee shake. Not really that nice as expected oso.

Oyea.. wanna say sorry to DeokSoo and LeeSeul. Sorry Deoksoo for coming late, and made him waited for 40mins. Worse, Leeseul who reach Delicious at 12.30pm, but went to another delicious(wrong place). We cant do anything since Wenda had a minor accident in midvalley so we couldnt make it on time. Sorry guys.

Back to back, i was quite disppointing about someone. Just so, arhh dunno what to say, not even to give me a confirmation. Dunno lah, it's all over, i dont care. Just do what they like to do lah. At least DeokSoo is happy with the lunch and chat like mad as well. haha.. maybe fewer people, more topics. wuahaha

Oh well.. here are some pictures for the day:

My pasta*

It's a light putting inside a white bird cage. Nice man

Attended peeps* oops Da Un went earlier so didnt take pic

'Hyeong'~ Take k in Korea!

November 15, 2009


YoungKL Singers (YKLS) is back on act after Australian Week and the Kaki Blue~

YEa u guess it, is this team of people from different places and background, came together once again bringing you their production in 2009- The Rhythmic Roots!

In case you guys dont know what isit.. simply click the site below to see the event information or else, explore Young Choral Academy! ^^ (yea right suppose to wrote it myself but simply found it wasting time since i will copy and paste it only haha)

Well, it was pretty awesome! Really sense how they work together as a team bringing every song to the max aura. Yea once again Artistic Director Joe Hasham, my dearest musical director Mrs. Sussana Saw was playing piano over there.
HOW DESPERATE i m to perform with them on the stage once again. I was really happy with all of them n yea, is so cool that can learn how to sing without a conductor! HAHA! but too bad, they are alot of members leave the choir(just like me XP) for their studies n stuff.. As so fewer people in the gang dy .. aah i really hope to go back if i got the chance.

Lets talk about the Actors Studio in Lot10. WOW, it was damn cool !! Ouch yea it was my 1st time going there (lot10 virgin instead) N it surprised me that it looks really another dimension when u compare the shopping mall on those floors down there n this 'foreign feel' on the 8th floor. This is it ACTORS STUDIO! Aiiks i missed a chance to perform here. Gosh.~ T^T

Aiya.. dont care la.. m now thinking should join back the family, and they r going China next year for competition! WOW SOUNDS SO SO NICE MAN! I wanna join but dunno then must plan my further study 1sst. It will be fun and great experience to go there n meet different people, share things and explore the place.. aaah i wanna go go go go sing sing sing XD
OK here so pics for the day~ ENJOY ^^

Me Carol and Joyce.. More pics to be uploaded when i got the pics.

November 12, 2009

War is ON- Satisfied Economics Paper4

Wow.. this time i was really did in a very nice way of essays.
Firstly, i did all questions
Secondly, i know all the answer in section B
Thirdly, i do all questions on time.

So nice! I have never achieve satisfaction from econs paper4 before right until today siting. I was so scare to take it since it was the hardest paper for me in A2. I thought i can never achieve high grades for econs just because im not good in time managing n stuff.
But at the end, after all the preparations have been done. It come out something that made me self-esteem kinda high. haha
So now, getting an A for Econs of overall in Alevel might be certain if my paper2 can get high marks too. Today was really awesome la.. hahaha 3essays did in less than 2hours, 1 four pages, 1 two pages and 1 was three pages. Plus remaining time for data response and it's do-able.
HAHA .. i was happy .. right until went for Jennifer's Body right away after the exam. And certainly it was so nicce! I mean yea many ppl say it wasnt tat good, but still i think is nice.

Thank God for everything. HOpefully on 25th Jan will come out something satisfising too..
Im now at IpoH
Was way surprised when my mum told me about the stalkers and what they did to me infront my dad .. perhaps.. So childish. They arent caring is already a big question marks. n now, for the sake of manner, pls respect me la. WHAT THE FUCK U WANNA BRING ALL THE STUFF IN FACEBOOK RIGHT TO OUR PARENT. Please be more like a person that i can respect too.
I aint pissed since i have used to it.
But i wasnt feel any fairness since it was not as what u said comparing the real issue.

November 10, 2009

War is ON- Super Panic Day tomorow

Hello~ Report report
Just finished my econs paper1 5mins ago. It was a do-able paper n quite confidence though.
I managed to do twice for all questions. Hopefully can score this paper la.
Well due to the privacy of the paper, as some of the candidates in the other part of the world still havent take the exam yet.

Ok back to the topic.
Yea right it is a damn panic day for me. This paper is the hardest paper for me in Alevel. yet, im still not 100% ready for it.. Just simply too much stuff to read n learn in 6months. It's far not enough ok? Haiz..
Well.. i will still still do my very best for it! I want to win the war instead!
Mmm.. hopefully.. the question wont be hard.
Pray hard..
Please God, give me some strength to do the exam tomorow.
2hours n 15min for 4essays and 1 data response with 6questions. Gosh
Hopefully, is do-able and time is enough for me
K la.
Report over.
*gone study*

November 09, 2009

Was is ON- No More Business Studies

Mmm.. phew!
3hours paper just finished in the superb Cold room C15!
Walau Wei!! Serious. Even it's colder than in MPH hall.. hands are freeze until it feels like gonna break on the spot since we cant stop writing all the points. 3 hours gao gao.. 5essays had been written n oso some calculations. this was really a tough war..
But still, i m quite satisfied with my work la. Im quite confidence with some questions though.
Thats my report for the day..
2more days to go
N it's all economics left
Just 3 more n im free! WHEE!


November 08, 2009


Gosh.. ms.tee lie to us! HAHA!
iishh.. P7 is harder than p3.. shit i missed 10marks on the spot ..
which means.. my marks will be count starting 40/50

Mayb im spending too less time on it. Probably? My passyear wasnt fully done instead. N yet..
STupid hypothesis testing of Errors im still very weak.. thats y no 7marks for me for the ques straight away.. arrgghhh
1st day of the 4days war. Now starts with a disaapointing one..
OK fine la..
think possitively for tmr business paper..
tmr need to aza aza fight fight fight!!

Mmm... i just hope to get a B for p7 enough ><



November 05, 2009


Time flies. Today was the last lesson with the best lecturer of Econs, mr.mohan teaching all the past year essays n oso doing summary for paper4. Another 2hours tuition, perhaps it is the last 2hours, yet the last RM25 bucks for him. Haha.. ''from today onwards, we r no longer poor'' said Zac.

So well, today lesson just like any other class. We have our intensive 2hours lesson with full of knowledge, either new to me or old, still very contented. It's always been some kind of motivation to me to work on my progress on econs essays after his tuiition. He is the source of motivation. Haha.. This giant man always give correct knowledge, good example in practice, n oso some extra information in the real world.

No doubt i've learnt alot from him. Local news or foreign economics both enriching my knowledge. Thanks once again to him for everything. Although i have to pay. Haha, come on, nothing is free in the world, n yet spending money on knowledge is worthwhile. Well i think i spend more than 1k for him dy. And yes, i never regret it.

Ok fine.. done with this. Some quote from mohan~

Well.. lets continue my work then..

War is ON- Bad day of relax, good day for stress

Haha.. so random..

I was freaking out with the errors in hypothesis testing in library.


Arrgghh.. is the last part of syllabus but somehow is so hard to understand!
Someone please help me!*

Business preparation- just started
Econs paper1- half way
Econs paper4- half half way
Econs paper 3- one quarter only

Die hard..
this is what will happen to you when u have intensive exams on a week
everything jumbled up, and it's like living in a world with No AIR
Cant resists to do anything well..
But still
im so gonna die hard next week
either is doing badly.. or too stressed
Everything is on. Going to the max

Just can say to myself..
please jia you*

TUCK is just expressing stress..

November 03, 2009

War is ON- Economic 22 down

Well, i've just finished my Econs Paper2.
This was a fully prepared war, for the 2nd time it was far better than the 1st time. But somehow, i don't feel that satisfied with my performance is question 4b.
All is about time lagging. I was just enough time to write out a not-a-fantastic answer script but i think is just fine. 12 marks for something that is normal. Hopefully i can score this paper
Well, dreaming about the day that it remains fewer to the 4 continuous war next weeek. i was far so scare that i couldnt manage well, especially Sleepness? It's wat happen to me this morning
I sleep in 2am n planned to have 4hours rest till 6am.
But it turned up 2hours sleep till 4am in the morning. Mayb i was too worried about it. I cant go into sleep but still, i tried.
Arrggh.. sometimes it is a disaster for me. Mayb i was doing the paper slowly just bcos of this.
Blame no ones.
Just hoping that i can get what i desired. Hoping all my efforts are not spent in the way it wasted. Amitabha. Please bless me.
Tuck is in a downfall mood**
Hoping for cheers.

Arggh.. suppose to go for nose-bleeding movie the 'Jennifer's body' today, but ended up not going

Well.. time for some maths.. ciao ppl

November 01, 2009

War is ON- What a lovely morning

Haaa... i wasnt sleeping for the whole entire midnite-nite-morning until now i was still awakes. Studying econs just now in the library... did two chapters gao gao.. was doing maths p7 total 3 sets excluding hypothesis ques( hard ques reserved for the end) haha.. efficient though.
Went out to have breakfast at McD arround 7 in the morning.. was facing some rainfall but soon it stopped in a short while... What breakfast was that btw.. i think the hashbrown IS WAY TOO HARSH.. im now having some light stomache now.. iish...

So reach the school like 7.30am. It was unanticipated crowded in the library. So many ppl already there.. walau... i was sked by the number.. almost full in the library in this early? Walau wei...

M now hiding somwhere in the Web.. was so cold but still can meet koreans in the computer room. Woo.. thats the one who asking me survey.. i guess she was jan intake/july intake..
Her eyes are big n round, dyed goldish hair and round face.. kinda qute.. haha..

Well.. this wednesday.. second war approach.. Was planning all the way for my day-after-war at the same time.. haha... feel like goin Seoul... or... nearer Singapore? Definitely not Indonesia haha

Mm.. kinda sleepy ldy.. i think i need some sleep before start some essays n data response..

Lovely bed..

Im coming for you dy ^^ (leaving campus lurr)
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