February 28, 2010

University-Engin get Started!

Anyeong haseyo! Sorry guys for not updating the blog for so long haha.. Just dont feel like spending time writting when i was at home, n i dont have the connection at my new room to online X(
Well, being an uni student is just nothing special or .. u know, typical malaysian student. Just the thing is that i had more time being alone, or as in independent? yea, probably the uni life is like that. Student always get themselve alone. Haha. Not bad la for me, at least i got some new frens who linked here. Tse Lik is here too..
Yea we r sticking together for now, is like as a group la. Cos we r from different places. Yvonne from Wangsa Maju, Mainur from.. other country, SoonChern from Penang .. etc.
So the campus here, LCS was not that good. We have to be here like 3months before we move to Lakeside Campus. this place is fulled with foreign workers, n the building is damn hot. Gosh
Well everything is moving on smoothly, except for my god damn health la. It came back like last thursday. I feel so bad to have this condition now. But still, my fren seems they can accept it. I feel ok la. Just it's God gift. As i cant scold anyone. Well, hopefully i can get a better condition soon!
Saying Hi To Uni Life !

February 17, 2010


Had a lovely Reunion Dinner this year at Dong Hoi, aka east sea restaurant.

well, this year was quite a late dinner since it started at 9pm. N we reached there like 9.10pn haha! Actually paiseh to say, everyone was waiting for us. Haha.. we r always the late ppl... typical msian mah. haha.
This year have fewer ppl attenting the dinner. My eldest auntie's family wasnt here as they went to outstation.

For attire part, i wore some formal shirt that i bought last year, but i never wear before. So it's still considered as new right. haha.. my style was kinda simple, my hair was so long n black spec make me like so qute. HAha.. they said im getting more fat. what the hell ><

Lau Seng.. Everyone must 'lau' together to have a good year

One of the dish, japanese style chicken with raisin.

Unfortunately this year the dishes was not that good, which not worth what we actually paid for. Esp the desert, they just simply give some longan n thats it..

After that.. we, as my own family go here n there to see the aura of cny. kinda cool too..
All my brother came to my house at the middle of the night to gamble n singk .. haha.. they r such late cats. But im very happy to see them n enjoy with them until so late. Haha
Oh well, that's the last time i see wynsheng before he went to aus. Take k man. Do ur very best in studies. Take good care of urself yea.
I slept at 4am and have to wake up at 6.30am to pack n go langkawi! HAPY CNY! :)

February 09, 2010


Yesterday went to SUBANG PJ n KL again. Well same thing happened like waking up damn early.. no choice man.. It's my interview day for the scholarship ..

As so, waking up like 6am.. with like dont feel like waking up mood, kinda mess up n rush to the bus stop cos it's jam everywhere. In this morning i afraid it's like long queue..
Luckily i still managed to catch up the bus. Unfortunately bad things happened next. Who knows the PlusLiner bus can be stopped at the roadside because it's broken down. Wat The Heck??? N then, the driver ask us to join the coming bus which is Transnasional? It sounds crazy haha. It's like giving them business.
As so i was late to reach kl, but actually is duta. about 10.30 im at Duta Bus Station, looking for taxi n had my breakfast there.
It takes 20mins to reach LCS the Taylors PJ Campus. I was sweat like hell because my whole attire is black. As im virgin to LCS, i m not familiar with the blocks n keep making mistakes. So ended up 11.45am reach the office that i should go. After filling up some forms, Ms.Khoo invited me to a meeting room n that's where the interview get started. I was interviewed by a man who is incharge. He asked me questions like how it should be.
Luckily he is kinda frenly. But since is my first time to have interview for scholarship, i got little bit nervous till i cant really answer some questions well. yet, he is like adding some words to me at the end of the interview. Overall, it's well done. Everything about the scholarship is settled down. Now just wait for the call from them.
After that, i went into the office downstairs to enrol for architecture. Lotsha time spent in there to fill in forms, do short test from PAM n discussing about the accomodation. At the end, im ended up staying in Mentari Court. I hope it's temporaily, however, the school will be moving to lakside campus on april-may.

After all the tiring stuff, it's time to resst. Since i was alone, i take my lunch at Sushi king in suway pyramid in instant. The food there r.. a O-M-G. Imagine it. The sushi king here is now fulled with malay workers, even the sushi maker r all malay ladies. No offense, but the sushi they made r not that delicious. I ate Hatate Cheese n the slide of cheese pilled off from the sushi one. O-M-G

Hatate Cheese which is..

Another Hatate with a weird bread

After that, did some light shopping.. I bought a nice sweater from Topshop. It's kinda expensive but i love it helly much! haaha..

After that, took a cab again to HELP to find fiishey. So funny that, the taxi counter ppl dunno where isit until a more experienced man came n tell them. Another O-M-G for them .. When i reached there, fiishey drives her new CIVIC to pick me up. Really nice n big wei. It's such an gift to have that at our age .. fiish must appreciate yea.. I wish i could have my very own car some day.. even a Myvi im ok.. haha
So we went in KL Sentral n sat down at DunKinsDonut to have a lite chat. WE chat alot n we compared college n uni life. it's better to be in college life we said, n we're missing it alot ~~~ We chat about relationship thingy too.. Cant be revealed here **

Photo taken by the frenly owner of the shop in KL Sentral.

So the train had come about 6.10pm which should be 6pm. said BB to fiish n KL. Heading back ipoh with two eyes opened. Cant sleep after drinking coffee in DunkinsDonut..

That's the KTM station in Ipoh in case u wanna know how it looks ^^
It's like 9pm when i reached Ipoh. N back home like 11pm.. ate dinner with dad n went here n there.. tired day though..

Last wish, hope i can get the 50% scholarship la ^^

February 08, 2010


Last Saturday was my dad's company annual dinner. If it's direct translate,

收工酒 aka 'end work dinner'

The dinner was held in Kei Quai Seafood Restaurant in Sunway City Ipoh. He invited all his frens, business partners, employees and family members to the dinner. For me, it's like the son n the clerk. haha.~
Well, it's not a very good dinner for me. thanks to the health problem as i cant eat everything on the table. Espcially, the shark fin soup. >< damn sad wei..

Thats two of the dishes of the dinner that nite. That's the first time the boyfrens of my sis attended too. It's like.. 9 ppl on 1 table. One more.. is blanked. for the future gf i supposed? XD

Well.. it's overally ok la.. at least i dont get too bad conditions at that moment. Too bad, i cant even touch beer. >< haha.. Tea n 100 Plus only!

February 04, 2010


6.20am... ding ding ding ding!!
Some funny sound alerted the sleeping beauty to get up.
Ready to get myself to subang. The little brother was waking up early today too. 1st time in the year he wakes up automatically..
Mother wake up early too to fetch me to the bus terminal here. Today was quite a well planned. I ride on the bus at 7.30 morning, thanks to the tortise bus i reached kl ktm at 10.00am.. N the ktm there r like gary too. Came late.
So i reached KL Sentral like 10.20am, quickly pick something for breakfast, then go look for taxi there. Not sure what im doing, i bought a ticket of ktm of going back ipoh at 6pm. just in case i couldnt make it for the taxi from Mr.Foo at 1pm.
As so, i ride on the taxi to Taylors main campus.
While i reached there, it's like full with ants arround the area of the college. So many students coming out from guardhouse. Oh, it's break.
I quickly jump out from the taxi and go to alevel office. Oh gosh, the weather is like microwave. I feel so damn bad.. Luckily there are strong aircond in the office.
So i got the big envelope from a malay lady.. i wasnt know there r attendance cert too.

That's the envelope. Certs r inside with some flyers ><.. really sweat.

Mission done here. Next stop is to Lakeside campus at puchong. Quickly ran to the taxi stand in front of Mcds n once again. HOT LIKE HELL!!!!!! Even the taxi is hot because the engin wasnt on until i ride on it. N the stupid indian driver. RM15!!! argh he is nothing like a robber i tell u.

No choice but to take it since i cant stand the hot anymore.. But it's fast to reach the destiny. Once again, i walk fast to student central ofor the aircond. haha..
Then, i found the counter n ask for the scholarship applications. I thought to have the interview on the spot but she told me it will be later on. So i just gave them my form n cert n result. They said they will call me later to DATE me. haha

Thought to enrol myself but maybe next time. Cos i just dont feeling well. Nvm la.. But one thing for sure, i was surprised by the taxi-s inside the campus. haha.. so like ready-to-serve u. But it's good anywhere. Cos it's lower fees. RM6 only to Sunway Pyramid..

Planned to have a shopping spree at first. But really, i cant do it.. Haiz. ANYWAY! i spotted a nice sweater at TopMan. but is 200hundred plus .. still thinking should i buy it ornot..Then paid a visit to Popular n bought a non friction chinese novel. Duno why just feel like reading it. Really. haha. To be a better person.
After all this the clock strikes 12.35pm. I planned to buy KrispyKreme donuts for family to have a try of it.. there r promotion of donuts. I got myself a hot americano n enjoying my free donut there. They r giving 1 free donut after i bought a dozen of original glazed :0


The taxi driver came about 1.30pm. Cant believe that i sat there for an hour.. N reached Ipoh like about 4pm.

Just feel like sharing this ''IPOH'' thingy will u all. Do u noe, each alphabet cost the government 10k? It's so..... oh my god right.. pity to the tax payers.

So thats all about the day.. went outside for a family dinner with parents siblings just now. The food there was not good like last time already ..
Well, good to know they like Krispy Kreme too! hehe

A day with some hopes n worries. I really pray hard to get a healthy body

February 03, 2010


Well, i declared myself to come out of the cage!
Today was the 1st day for me to go outing after so many wars i have been thru..
N yet.. on the very morning.. i found my face was covered with some reddish..
n .. the scalp behind..

I feel kinda.. depress actually.

But still, i pay my promise to the outing with Kate.. pao pao fiish. Hehe
After one year, she has grown alot. ALOT. lol. Compare with the post last year when she went Switzeland.. that was really big difference if u see the current fish.
Well, we chat alot about our life n thoughts. what she been thru there was all awesome. really. N oso, her slang of speaking english, cool! haha..

Lovely chocolate from Swiss... thanks Kozue for this lovely gift :)

So what i did today was watching Tooth Fairy.
This movie is kinda funny, cool, plus abit.. senseless.. haha. but overall, it's a nice movie. Still, im waiting to watch AVATAR SOMEDAY XS

Tess with her mom n brother. She was the one who went off the tooth.. believes in miracles *blink*

The Rock- Derek Thompson who do not believe in fairy tales n destroyed ppls dream. Too reality person. This scene when he got his summons of not believe in tooth fairy. haha.

Well.. today was a nice day to hang out. Thanks again to pao fish for everything.
Really hope that.. my sickness can go away in full as soon as it can. Please. ><

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