January 21, 2009


Yesterday went Sunway with yixiang for Callifornia stuffs.
Zadou, when come to dinner, i cant tahan myself for not going into BBQ plaza lol. Shit, damn regret for yesterday's decision. Coz, dunno y, i ate beef n lamb there.
Although is delicious, but is a very bad decision i made.
Gosh, and i have my punishment today. SKED me tat, i saw a big huge reddish dots n rashes on my neck. GOSH! Is itchy n pain. Shit. Hope can fai fai recover from it la. yeww.what the hell.
Damn regreting now.. and now have to wear collar t for these following days ldy! haizz

)&@!*(&*()*@&%^%@@(*&**# ~ ~ ~

January 19, 2009


Side Effect:

-bad breath
-cant sleep at nite
-sugar lvl in the body goes up
-red dots comming out
-cannot interpret things correctly after the caffin effects gone
- headache
-yellowish teeth
-brain cell damage
-might have melamine risk

Normal consumption: Not more than 2 cups a day

Unfortunately, without any concern, i drank about 4 glasses of coffee today. Dunno what made this happened. Well, maybe is too tired the whole, and i can only consume caffin to keep me alert.

3 tins of Nescafe n 1 glass of white coffee.

Sounds insane right? I think i really do silly geh. I didn realised it until when i was drinking the 4th coffee, i start counting how many times i drink it today. Shocks me~
Hope u guys wont do the same thing with me la.. if not .. u sure will regret.. haha

Mm, my plans in Jan r running quite smooth. I planned to do alotz of things n changes in this year n so far i m getting into it. Happy n satisfied of course ^^ ! wuahahaha... well, hope the rental thing can solve as fast as possible la.. lol..

January 18, 2009


Another freaking Sunday lol. Today is quite efficiently utilised the time.
I did laundry, I cleaned up my room, i refresh my blog, i did maths mind mapping n revision, econs revisions n etc.

Looks like doing lotzz things right? Hehe.. at least not wasting any time doing nothing. Cos Sunday mah, brain cant work as good as it should be. Laziness and soulless... wuahahha

Well, another 5 days to go back ipoh lurr! Syok man~ Go back celebrate Chinese New Year. C back many frens, going trip, have reunion dinner, collecting ang pau, wow.. Ha ha syok sendiri pula XD.
Mm.. a good news to share here. Well, i m not regret for choosing Alevel this year. This happened after i went to the Counsellor session on last Thursday. Cos, i found the subject i really like in the degree programme... is something to do about Mass Comm.. takes 3years to complete. hmm.. what i should do now is to get a best Alevels results lol.. ALL OIL AH !

tata.. 2 more hours left for today ^^

January 17, 2009


Zadou.. today i've been a very 'bai garr zhei' again..
lolx.. i spent over RM255 on my hair.. which
consists Cut + Straighten + Dye la.
Although is sounds damn expensive, but i love it very much lol~! I think it is worth so far... ha ha. I never dare to spend such huge amout of $$ on my hair before.
Hope wont regret after this.
Well. Dont think im so sui zhai la k? XS. I will sacrify something for it. Fong Sum*
I will ..

Spend less.
Shop less.
Play less pool.
Drink less coffee.
Eat less BBQ plaza.

January 12, 2009


Today, all taylors ppl have a great honour welcuming our Yang Berhormat,
Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad,

was dropping by our main campus n gives us a talk about GLOBAL PEACE..
Well, everyone thinks he is a good speaker, so do i.
Haha.. well, becos of yesterday not enough of sleep. I went asleep after listening like 1 hour.

However, i was awake when Q n A section. There is one guy asking Tun about, If v stop using US dollar now, will it brings us peace? Since US is financed by us to buy those weapon n stuff. He answered: YES definitely. We still have alternatives, go n buy other currencies, including RM!! Then everyone started to laugh. haha....Then, there r some funny joker, asking something out of topic.. about Allah.. n Tun jus ignored it.. wuahaha..
So today was the 1st time i met the real Tun. Zac lead us to wave to him, n he surprisingly, waves back to us. HAHA, good. At least he is not an arrogant kind of ppl lol..

Today's class ended about 4pm. After printing those Econ notes.. Went home and get ready for YKLS rehearsal. Well, I have joined the Young Choral Academy today! haha.. i was kinda syok joining this crew.. cos.. im still singing ! SINGING SPIRIT continues! hehe
So Mrs Sussana ask me to join Bass2.. after singing two songs, which is Soleram, n another weird indian songs, i think i want to give myself a challenger, joining Tenors to learn about high notes.. Therefore, Tracy have an audition on me. WELL, she said either Tenor 2 or bass 1.. I choose .. TENOR 2 !! Haha.. Feel abit Guilty to leave BASSES as my favor. Well, i not joining it is simply becos it is not same as bass last time oso. Learn some new things r good oso right? hehe.. hope i wont regret again.
Well, knew some new friends lol, Zhen a very funny n kind guy, SookYin the director, Joyce n Jessica which is new like me, etc.

So,Hope i will have alotz of fun in the Young KL Singers.

saw this at the studio~ Proud of it. Memorable.
(Found me? )

the moon today is so bright n round. take a look.

January 11, 2009



幸福套餐 No。1 ♥
1. 你的绰号:duckduck, dantart, yok tuck, slz.
2. 年龄:19 in '09.
3. 生日:19.05.1990.
4. 星座:Taurus.
5. 兴趣:get into relationship now! XD
6. 专长:think too much.

幸福套餐 No。2 ♥
1. 你有没有喜欢的人: Got ah.
2. 是否有交往im single now.
3. 现在幸福吗:Yea. But only not in love
4. 如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事:Confess to you.
5. 如果有天,你爱的人跟你表白的话:I will scream YES loudly.

幸福套餐 No。3 ♥
1. 点你的人是:Jo Ee
2. 他(她)是你的:Friend
3. 他(她)的个性:Intelligent, well-behave, emo.
4. 认识他(她)多久?:wah.. since primary
5. 你觉得他(她)怎样?:Very confidence.
6. 你相对他(她)说什么: Happy Holidays! Hehe..

幸福套餐 No。4 ♥
1. 最爱的节目:Dunno.
2. 最爱的音乐:Gary Chaw's music.
3. 最爱的季节:Winter
4. 最爱的卡通:Spongebob, Bleach !
5. 最爱的人:Families n Friends lol of course.
6. 最爱的颜色:Green gua. I love natural thing.
7. 最爱的国家:Malaysia gua.. haha. Cinta Akan Tanah Airku!
8. 最爱的天气:Cloudy. Windy.

幸福套餐 No。5 ♥
1. 如果上天给你三个愿望:

Have a wonderful life all the time.
All my beloved ppl live in peace.
Have YOU.
2. 你是很专一的人吗:No.
3. 最深刻的记忆:Form4 lifes.
4. 你是个很有信心的人吗?:sometimes .
5. 你很爱微笑吗:sometimes oso.
6. 如果你要放弃你现在的生活,你愿意吗?:Yea, i want to live in a better way.
7. 妄想什么样的生活:
No stress. No rules. No violence. No worries. No YOU.
8. 是否横刀夺爱才是爱:

No. Pls have it with ur feelings. DO NOT GRAB.



KayWong. Sandra. SianWah. Christina. SuiWai. Wen. SingKit.

January 10, 2009


今天无知 bin 条神经线打结了..
today one of my neuron is adnormal..

I spend my whole day in Sunway Pyramid today.. the sad thing is, i have spent like insanes!
i think i really need to check my brain.

at PoPulaR- RM71.50
membership registration. rubik.

alevel book. white board...
at New BalaNcE-
Nike bag-RM89.00
TGV- RM15.40
BBQ Plaza- RM24.00
other stuff - RM54.00
transportation fees- RM4.20

Add uP..


Cham lol... begining of 2009 zao like that jorr .. sure will spend alot alot this year. Gosh. havto start saving now, yet got a mission to be achieve this april, hehe..

But quite consumer surplus has been reached also la. At least most of the things i bought today r demanded one..

省滴洗咯仆街! 哈哈~

RUBIK~ 好玩!

January 07, 2009


So, i have made my very last decision, that is continue my Alevels courses until the end.
well, the 1st day makes me feel like, do i really made a correct move? I think mostly because of the new Econ teacher! Gosh, the 1st day only mah, very serious ldy. N she told us all the stuff n aassignments v have to carry on later..
Wow, r in piles man. Makes me missing you, Ms.Chian. Esp when i saw the remark from her in the exam paper.
-Well, she written there words to encourage me n stuff. Yet, she says i owe her a charicature. Zadou.. haha.. does she really thinks tat im born with designs talent? hehe.. well, thanks teacher, You r a great supporter to me in taylors.

Well, yesterday went to The One Academy, getting back my application form and stuff.
Im lucky to meet her, Clarrisa whom a great n helpful counsellor i had ever met.
Share my case with her, and talks about the path in the future.

'' If u choose to start degree, u have to start from the very begining. The thing is, yr Alevel results r no longer useful, ''

haizz.. nothing much to say bout that lur. Will thinking about it later..

Stupid sohai tuck. did something very sohailly. Haha, yesterday i with joyce thinking about joining the fitness centre in sunway, which is so called CALLIFORNIA..

N guess what,
v have signed up as a member! shit. Those ppl r too good in marketing until v made our decision so damn fast. Now i regret. again.
haha.. luckily there is ppl ganti me. Thanks lotz.
N another thing, sorry to Joyce tat i do like lefting aeroplane, i dont mean it.. but no choice i think i need to quit. Cos, Alevel in 2sem n 3sem is really busy like hell. I noe it can be energetic to us but. I sked i cant manage my time tat well. So, mayb next time k?


tuck is so complicated in mind .. sorry.

January 05, 2009


Endless feeling on you .. my daily torns.
i act so dumbly again today.

Words i plan to speak with you today,
Things i wish to do with you today,
is not enough time for me to do so... everytime leaving you after have a meet with you, i just hope it is endless for us.
I hope i can spend longer with you each time. Even thinking to stay at yr place.
Is it.. what ppl said the act towards ppl u .. L O V E ?
I am exhausted for hiding it from you since i have it.. so .. hard.
I try n try n try... best record, for almost 3months time. But, when u start sms me,
things gone back again. My dumbly brain cant manage it well.

Can you..
Leave me again?
Jus for a year.. i think..
I hope i can forget you. forget the stupid feeling.

心若倦了 泪也干了
这份深情 难舍难了
曾经拥有 天荒地老
已不见你 暮暮与朝朝
这一份情 永远难了 愿来生 还能再度拥抱
爱一个人 如何厮守到 老怎样 面对一切我不知道
回忆过去 痛苦的相思忘不了 为何你还来拨动我心跳
爱你怎么能了 今夜的你应该明了
缘难了 情难了
lol.. is a bad starting by posting a moody post.
Well, tonight wont be just any nite.. to me. A nite i have past with those kind of mixing feeling again.
Tmr got to go back to Subang for the new semester of Alevel, my mood r kinda.. swing.

SWING to the Left

SWING to the Right.

Endless swinging. Hate it. I really hate it.

dunno y..

mostly is because of DAILY TORNS again..

Is back. Which i have hardly maintained lossing it for mostly 3months time.
i noe. all because of the heartfeeling. Not strong enough to be denied.

I should,

once again

stay away from you..

for as long as it can be..




January 04, 2009


Found this blogger is much more impressive than xanga.
And since many ppl r using it oso...
so decided to make a move from xanga.. hehe
the feel is different.. simple and nice..
n easy to manage.

it looks really cool.

like it.
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