February 21, 2013


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February 14, 2013

Valentine's Phobia

It's a wonderful thing to see everyone was showing off their flowers, dining food, chocolates flowers that you could possibly found during valentines in all the social network media. But not for me. I'm still proclaimed single, and available.

I did what i have to do to find, to chase, to confess. In fact i just not there yet. There was a past that i should send it off before another good one starts. The one that had carried me through decades.

I did my best as well to hide some negative feelings but i failed from hiding it on the chubby face. I spent a bad time in Burger's house, not to mention gamble-off-mood. Eat, watch Astro, and lite chatting thats all. I feel sorry for being emotional to the gang.

Things doesn't feel alright in valentine, at least for me. It might be true that because im lonely, and my family wasn't good enough to understand me on that. Sisters have boyfriends, they are smoothly in love.. Brothers are too young to share the pain. Guess being the 'middel person' wasnt great after all. 

Glad that i have contributed for bro Loon. Sacrifices of my time and pain are way worthwhile. Penguin is pretty impressed by him/us. Good job for the Leongs. 

Here you go, 2013 Valentines Day.

'I miss you' will never get me a reply. I guess.

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