September 24, 2009


California Fitness sells Malaysian clubs

Hong Kong-based California Fitness has sold three of its fitness clubs in Malaysia to rival chain Celebrity Fitness.
In a statement, the company said that it had agreed deals for its three clubs in Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid and Lot 10.
Colin Heggie, president of California Fitness, said: "The move will allow the company to realign resources and reinforce its growth and focus in the markets where it is an industry leader.
“We are committed to maintaining our brand leadership in the fitness market in Asia.”
California Fitness operates 22 clubs in Asia – 10 in Hong Kong, six in Taiwan, four in Singapore and two in China.
The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of 24-Hour Fitness Worldwide

adapted from World Leisure Jobs & News

September 16, 2009

HoliDay 05 in Ipoh~

Finally the last day in IPoh for this 2 weeks break. Once Selamat Pagi Ipoh!

Well today dun have much stuff been done here. Today was a lazy day for me.
But still i love to talk about the last day in ipoh .

Today is kinda cold windy warm day. There is a big heavy rain at noon which make the weather bit humid brings refreshness. I feel so good that the weather couldnt found in Subang.

I was too tired for the day continue with studies. I slept kinda long after fetching brother to school in the morning. Is like, Sleep gau gau. Haha as so it makes me feel lazy to go spend time and money outside. Decided to spend it all with the family.
In the evening i spent the time teaching brother about his homework, watching tv, surf net, and eat alot.
Nothing much to say lurr
Have to keep packing now..

End of the holidays in ipoh~ so long my dearest hometown.

September 15, 2009

HoliDay 04 in Ipoh~

An Yeong Ipoh in day 4!

Today is a normal day like what i did when free. In the morning, again, jog after fetching that silly brother.. after jog fetch another lazy brother to tuition go and back. Indirectly become half day driver. In the afternoon, was doing nothing but fishing. After upgrade to level 9, i was too tired to open the eyes anymore. So better naping again..

DiY Breakfast. is nt nice

Napped till like 5pm until didnt eat the lunch. Is good for me to slim down leh. haha.. Then was doing sharing with big brother for about an hour about girls stuff. Hope he is fine now. There are no electric supply in boon bak now. Beware!

Something to share of the day..
Planned today to visit my dearest high school at night. SMJK SamTet, once been this place gathered people from different land n places, coming here to find our place and time.
I missed everything in the school. Especially, the so called 2nd house of mine in high school- The Library. I wasnt there since i had graduated, and now is a big change after a big renovation.
Last time was small and nice. Full of study aura in every corner. When there are exam seasons, crowd usually make no empty seats. But now is so much bigger and kinda stuffy inside
Tourist pictures:

miss the steps to the library. I stepped on it almost everyday during high school

A new library. New aircond, new tables, new shelfs, new space, new reference room, new computers, and new commitees. Is so big!

New computer corner. Was a magazine corner last time. but now.. no more warm room to sleep X(

the words are too big la. (entrance to new reference room)

See this in work room. Haha!

My college n my high school. The partners.
Taylors is so eager to 'earn' new students from samtet.

Huh? A new staircase connecting the roof? For what purpose wor? i wonder..
Weird la. sommore is this kind of old-style one. To save space.. Zadou gau gau

Huh? Why Julin is in my school wan? Oh.. she is helping taylors promote the school. Haha.. found her in the notice board. Now everyone knows her.

Thanks to my tour guide, FishHead the 39th ex Head Librarian n oso my librarian gang fren. Chui sui with him non stop about all the stuff of the libary, looking at photos took during the renovation of new library, hard work they did, annual dinner, gm, etc.
Have a very nice chat with him and oso updating myself about current samtet from him. It was too much of sad cases now, either the academic achievement or koko. but Koko looks even worse. New head librarian was expected doing his job like a kid by him, Mrs Chee the teacher advisor is not going to lead the librarian board anymore.. and so on. Hopefully, someone can save Samtet la. Too many unmature students in the school now, most of them are not practically efficient. Choir is a good instance.

The new basketball court in the school. Is impressively big! Is so nice if i could play some games here..

After a long chat in the school with FishHead, we headed to Tong Shui Gai and continue our blow water section. We chat about girls, esp the one that impressed me. Ho Kar Mun, my past classmates which noe him since i was small kid, currently having relationship with the school best pretty girl. Surprisingly effective. Hate the other topic with him about ghost. Dont wish to talk here either cos it is a real incident.

Tata.. thats all. Missing good old days in samtet.. missing my frens, teachers and girls. Hopefully samtet can have a better future in deep.... I LOVE SAMTET

September 14, 2009

HoliDay 03 in Ipoh~

Day 3 holidaying in hills city.. Good Morning!
Early in 6.40a.m. forced to wake up early to fetch the brother to school. And then heading to the Gunung View and jog for half n hour in this recreation place. Wah man seriously it is torturing. Have been months didn do exercise like last time here and this time, really hard to jog long. Plus the leg is pain due to the climbing yesterday and so i just managed to jog 2 big round and walk 2 round.

Gunung view taman rekreasi


Feeling hungry after the jog. So went to the restaurant selling Curry Mee again, hearsay the mee there is nice and famous one. I had a plate of dry curry mee again with coffee..

is Rm3.50 again^^

Reach home about 8.45am and start fishing in the room again.. Was totally sleepy again at 10am and so take a nap till 12.30pm then go down to the stairs and read some newspaper. Prepared myself to go out meet Loon and Ching in parade about 1.30pm.. This two fellows too smelly to sit in my car! Walao the odour from their body is super chun. I wonder why the school boys always have this but not for the college boy like me. Sweat too much i guess..
We are heading to Wah Nam kopitiam and took quite long to find a parking. At last, end up parking the car at quite a distance from the restro. Surprisingly, met Kay wong there with her sisters yum cha-ing. So yao yun.. She is so fu hin me that time.. looks like she is lying again there. wuahaha..

Have a cheese bake rise with 2nd glass of white coffee of the day.

Is quite a full lunch and a lite chat with the guys, Loon told me about the preparation of the surprise. He was so semangat to celebrate the so called BIG DAY by him to her. Cant tell here since he wants it to be a surprise. Ching' hair is freaking long, plus when the wind blows the hairstyle is following the direction of the wind. Dude should cut ur hair by now. LOL

After the lunch i need to go fairpark to grab some medicine from Majumder. Is a long queue there fulled with indians chinese and malays. Wah is so '1 malaysia'.. I dont need to become one of them as i m just purchasing some medicine and not for consultation. Ppl are looking at me like, ' go beratur la jerk' .. haha... dei sei
After that heading to Ipoh Jaya to repair my spec and bought some contact lens. The damn spec im wearing now broken by my butt. I had accidentally sit on it last nite and now it got abit bengkok. They said it cant be fixed. I think im going to have a new spec soon.. Levis Sunglasses.. 309 Ringgit~ . Another new stuff wanted to have after visiting the shop. The glasses is so damn chun!
After this i have no other things to do but sitting in front of the laptop and start FB FAF etc. Yet once again i didnt study. PROMISE TO MYSELF. Tmr is the 1st day to start the engin for the finals since tmr dont have any dates. I missed the bowling games today n probably will play on wed.. tmr must study econs! Tmr nite: Samtet library here i come! A tour guide needed. anyone?

September 13, 2009

HoliDay 02 in Ipoh~

Good morning Ipoh!
Well waking up at 5.50a.m. to get ready myself for the day. What else? Bukit Kledang go go go! Hees well waking up with a sleepy face, thank god that my hair wasnt that messy so no need to wash it in the early morning. Leong pick me up about 6.30am and so we r now heading to Menglembu. Go GO Go!
Frankly to tell u guys that im still Kledang Mountain virgin although i've been live here for years. Haha but after today im not!
The process is really... tiring. We have a great time to chat during the walk and talk many nonsense.
Anaconda in the forest come out?
Dinosour tree?
No girls to see in this early?
Cute doggie arround?
Lmao. Enjoying though. Since there are almost steep road everywhere. We are sweating like hell although there r no sunshine. Believe it when u r walking up to the top, u never noe how long it takes and it seems long. Me and Leong took about an hour to reach the top. Whee! Wake up so early and walk up till half-dead just for this moment. Achievement. Haaha. but actually is not really that proud of la, there are so many people there too, even we saw a chiwawa shiting there. Haha.. Also, there are quite alot of people facing the hills and start shouting with high pitch. Leong said they r trying to destress worr.. And is normal to see people doing it. Next time when we r stressed we should come too. Bring some drinks come too. Promise ya Leong!

The view Ipoh town from the top

Beauty of Nature

Well we cant sit for long as is going to rain there. We walk fast down to the hills and he told me it should be easier compare with climbing up. YEa it is but, we r like trying to keep ourself from rolling down to the bottom by forcing the body to stand straight. Haha quite funny though. Plus the adidas shoe keep on hiting my toes creating heat and friction. Pain man! Not easy. But overall is ok. Im quite satisfied with the journey. haha.. thanks to Leong again

monkeys in Menglembu~

We have our breakfast At Nam Wa after the tiring walk.. Eating dry curry noodles in Ipoh is so much better than in Subang( of course). Rm3.50 per plate and is damn nice! haha. I have the toast there too as well as the prawn rolls..

the prawn rolls...

After that, is time to back home and get some rest. But since i just ate, i opened the laptop n start FaceBook-ing as usual. N Thanks to Lydia im now playing Fish A Fish just like my little brother did. He keep on challenging me until i cant stop playing. Haha.. At last end up sleeping only at 11am till 2pm.
Next things to do was having a nice cup of coffee. My mum told me that there is an incoming chicken always come to our house and shit in the garden. As so, me n my mother planned to attack him once. HAHA, the 1st attempt failed since he ran and fly so fast. The 2nd attempt was, filling water into the plastic bag and throw it to him. At last, i managed to water him with the stong water paip and after he fly to the garden outside, my mum pass me the plastic bag and so i threw it to him. He kena the water and quickly flew away after a 'cocckk' sound. We think we won! But who knows, after a few hours it came back!! n start shiting again..
At night then, i have a nice warm family dinner outside with them, the parents and the siblings. I was not that enjoy when i stare at my.. TUMMY! I have a round tummy now and is so obvious after the dinner. WTH!!
And so, tmr i have planned to go jog like what i did everytime i come back. Tomorow will be a busy day for me. Take medicine, Bowling, Meeting frens, or maybe, Night market. Study? FORGET IT! HAHA.. nola, if forget i will better go n suicide. But as Kaizia said in fb, im feeling guilty too as i didn study in the 2nd day as well. HOW AH? HELP!
Another relaxing holiday.. whee...

September 12, 2009

HoliDay 01 in Ipoh~

Welcome back to ipoh baby!
Hehe.. started the day in ipoh with a fight with my brother of course. My little brother always asking for a fight with me. To see whether he got improve onot. Haha but too bad, he still lost! XD
Well wake up at about 10pm today. The 1st day usually dont feel like.. studying? Yea alright i admit that. I didnt study for the whole day today. Im doing stuff like, surfing net, watching drama, ps2-ing, eat sleep and go out. It was totally wasting time, but somehow, rest is just to regain energy to work in future. [excuse] HAHA!
Yet had a great meal with Kay an Siong Yee in Japanese restaurant, Akamomiji in Ipoh Garden. The food there is nice, delicious. But still Ten Good is the best so far. HAha~ Sei yeh kay wong today dunno what happen dy, the whole day act like someone who broke, then always staring at non living things and dreaming. Haha... is all bout her superman.. Then for Siong Yee, is a girl introduce by Kay. Which i should know her last time when we tuition in Maziah. lol.. new fren nice to meet you.
Too regret that no chance to take picture with Kay n Siong Yee today. Kay seems not in good mood to take photo n siong yee abit too shy. Hehe.. nvm still got next chance one. Next time we head to another japanese restaurant k? XP

Akamomiji Ipoh Garden West

Claypot Udon i have. Nice^^

After that was planned to visit my bro SengLoon, but he is preparing himself goine a concert in his girlfren church. As so im heading back home since there r nothing else to do.
Thats what i did for the 1st day, should be in Tesco now with family but i choose to rest at home cos tmr im going mountain climbing! YEA!! Finally got time to go. Hope it will be fun! kk tomorow will update pics in here...

Gonna sleep by now.. Good Nite Ipoh. XP

September 11, 2009



舒服, 无忧, 乐开怀的感觉
seriously i don't know anymore



September 05, 2009


Is been a great time to studying in Taylors College. When people say A2 arround me, is shows yea, putting a full stop on Alevels soon. Suddenly think that, the last day of school before the A2 final, how will it gonna be to everyone? I think, it will be a heavy one to say GooDbyE
Hopefully can take pictures with all the people i know in the school, both students and lecturers.

Yea time always past too fast,
Let me think back the older times in Subang.
The 1st day arrived at Subang, seeking for Aunty Elaine house. Mother busy cleaning the room. Father was sleeping on my bed and my brother was helping me to pack my stuff.
The 1st day of school. I was arranged to a PE class. Im worried that i have gone to a wrong field, dont have frens arround me. Busy preparing documents to go in PB class.
The 1st day meeting PB6. 1st friend was Justin Ravi Choo. I dont know anyone yet. Blurr, helpless, and anti-smoker.
The 1st lunch together with PB6. Almost everyone is there at Noodles station having good meals and chat to know each other better.
The 1st test was given by Ms.Chian. A class test of econs mcq. I still remember that time she was putting up a big clock for us to see the time on the screen.
The 1st group assignment from LAN. We sing Unity Song togehter and pratice together. it was so fun and no ones in the group will forget this i think. And we get the highest score in the class.
The 1st good friend in Subang. She used to be the one who always sit together with me before i drop Accounting.
The 1st celebration of classmate birthday, Paey Yee and Da Wun at Mcdonald.
The 1st housemate, Kai Zia from Stiawan.

And now,
The last day- probably 09/10/09. Everything will come to the end. Our path will continue going on in own direction from the intersection point. It might not be intersect anymore. Some will go back to overseas, some continue in local and some move abroad.

Just wanna say, no friendship is forever linked. Tressure the moment of intersection.
Nevertheless, still wanna say:

September 04, 2009


HAHA.. Finally make a decision on this.


all colours are customized DIY-ly
Hope u guys can have some refreshness and forget about that stupid bird last time
so far.. i think i missed out quite alot of post for the past two weeks. I've gone thru alot of hard time regarding on trials exam, relationship and business problems. Just too much to be written out again so in case u guys need any updates, go to my facebook and look for all the older status, i think i expressed it there every single day! HAHA .. thanks to my ipod.

KK guys. gonna take a deep rest now. Has been editing this since 4pm right after tuition. Gosh. Peer pressure keep rolling in my nerves.

Nite guys~
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