January 04, 2015


Welcome 2015! You came in pretty fast, or it's just time going too speedy?

I am pretty excited for this upcoming new year. I spent my great new year eve celebration in London, getting into the crowd to enjoy the fireworks near London eye. It was a little madness that me and Ardi stood at the bridge for nearly 3hours (just to secure a good position) and it was really windy and cold. But after all it all worth the wait to see that 10 minutes long firework, which was something cool to mark the start of 2015. I met some new friends, visited a lot of places, learned some new stuff, and so on.  

Fortunately, I think I spent a good time in London. The first thing I did when I back in Glasgow was to pick up my laptop from the repair store. I was worried because my laptop couldn't be charged for no reason, and I have my dissertation to submit next week. Thank God it is ok now.

I cherished the new start pretty well, and for some reason which I dunno why, a few new thoughts came into my mind. At least they are something good. Whether it is a faith to know about Guan Yin Citta, I started to a little obsessed about it. Master Lu (卢台长) seem to be really impressive, he has the power to see '图腾' of a person, shockingly telling all details about that particular individual, and from that he gives his solution (praying). As he claimed, he was appointed by Guan Yin  Citta, to help them from their hard times. He has been to many countries to help people, like to Australia, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Because of his promotion of world peace, he has been awarded the British Community Honors Award from the House of Lord, United Kingdom.

I am impressed by what he could do, it is up to you whether you choose to believe it. At some point people criticize what Master Lu did was simply against the originality of Buddhism. But as a Buddhist, though I don't pray as much as others do, I think his intention is pretty clear that what he is promoting does not carry any negative impacts to the society. Convincingly, what he have done in his sharing and QnA was always true, straight to the point. He is extra-ordinary, and what he does is simply can't be explained, in other word supernatural. He promoted strongly, many teachings from Buddhism like ones should believe the theory of karma. One should let go their desires and self-centered behavior to live better, as those bad intentions you had will always come back to you.

I believed it is some sort of fate to know about him.

Not long ago, I told Bee that I started to see facebook with a different perspective. Perhaps I see it as a hyper-realistic world that one would believes it is the reality. Getting likes, giving public impression, fame building, show-offing stuff they bought, all were done in front of their gadget's screen. As if, this is what life all about. Selfies in the party do not purely mean to share their moments with friends, but to show off to others or to prove that they are not alone. Arguably they were enjoying as what was shown in those pictures, or just swiping their phones during the party. I don't know. Bee and I were giving our own opinions, I told Bee that it was social network's fault, but Bee argued that it was more about the users. It was true, well, It probably is what facebook had bring out the people's desire to get recognized and attention seeking, in a way, I think. I am in such pity, as a facebook user, criticizing what myself was doing with facebook. Lol

illustration by Pawel Kuczynski

Anyway, i won't say 'please be good to me, 2015', rather, I want to tell myself 'please be good to 2015'. They are so much to do this year, I just can't wait to do every each of them. :)

Way to go!

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