December 27, 2014


It is funny because every time when I about to start writing my dissertation, I tend to practice my writing here in my blog. It's just like a warm-up for the brain, LOL. This is the day just after boxing day and Christmas in Glasgow. It was pretty calm, peaceful and cold. Though I have missed the celebration with my family and my loved one in Malaysia.

If you are a frequent visitor, you probably realized there's this live traffic feed, on the right bottom page of the blog, which tells the visitors and the post they have read. Surprisingly some posts of my 'war period' back in 2010 showed up so I read some of them. It is always hurtful to recall the past. But it is not always a bad thing, as it makes me even more stronger in person and appreciate things that I have right now, especially a healthy skin. 

Back during Christmas eve, me and my housemate Zhong Yi, two lonely guys (hahaha) cooked themselves dinner and enjoyed a great old movie 'Forrest Gump'. It's a movie back in 1994, narrating a guy who has a low IQ of 75 became a football star, survived a war in Vietnam, been to the white house a couple of times, playing international ping pong match in China, not to mention owning the Bubba Gump shrimp company. Everything just come simultaneously for him, and he survived. Most of us have trillions of things in our head to achieve, having many desires to be rich and famous. And yea, most of the time we never get any of it just because we are too desperate about it. I believe that this phenomenon of Forrest Gump could be credible in the reality. Most of all, I think his lovely mum is the best thing, probably the core energy that made him succeed in every situation he faced. Here's my favorite quote: 'Death is not the end, it's just another part of life'

So I guess this would be my last post of 2014 because I'm heading to London tomorrow till 2 January. 2014 has been a 'grow-up' phrase of my life, the obvious one is of course studying here in the UK, then knowledge and challenge I faced while working in DMP, love-affair-breakup moment, many first times (woops), and so on. Anyway, I had set my resolution 1 week ago, and I can't wait to achieve them all. Wishing everyone a good year ahead!

December 25, 2014

December 07, 2014


No matter how well we try to neglect the distance between us, we still face the realistic part of it.

No mater how well the internet helps us keeping each other connected, we still have 8 hours gap in two different timezone.

The feelings decelerate over time, whereas it's the only unit measure of our relationship.

Notwithstanding my love towards you are still as deep as where it begins.

November 29, 2014


A tryout cover on Nat King Cole's "when i fall in love"

dedicated to the person who I fell in love with.

November 19, 2014


"whenever there is love, odds will be in our favor." 

I used to have this in mind, a strong belief to hold especially when my partner's love is some sort the best I get so far. Let me call this person as Bee. Bee is my partner, a person that loves me more than myself. We set goals for our future and we work hard to get close to these goals even when we are separated into two different spots on earth. We visualized the future that we will have by the time I'm back to my home country and always get excited when we talk about building our very own 'love nest'.

As I remember the time when we got together, our friends thought that we were crazy. They thought that separating a month after we got attached was irrational and at a bad timing since I will be away for 2 years. The bond of Bee and myself will become an obstacle for me to fully experience my life in this new environment, they said. Some claimed that "this kind of relationship will never work", but all these negative comments didn't stop us from holding our beliefs.

It's been 2 months since our last meeting in the airport. Different timezone became a problem where we experienced an inverse proportional of day and night. We never share the same time to get into bed, nor having meals at the same time. We started to get busy with our own life by ourselves. Bee became very busy with work, co-curricular activities and interviews for new job, and myself were working on my studios and dissertation from time to time. We started to spend lesser time on our conversation and video calls since we don't have much free hours at the same time. 

We shared stuff around us to each other from time to time by sending pictures, encouraging quotes, selfies and a lot more other stuff like an ordinary couple would do. Though some stuff became unnecessary to share with Bee when the right timing has passed, or something that I thought Bee might never bother to know. It gets complicated when we talk less, and  a lot of misunderstandings of what we did and said to each other which lead to war of words. 

Thinking back of all the bitter sweet we been through, I suppose love is the only thing that Bee and I believed in and to hold as long as we can. Bee claimed that I have been thinking negatively nowadays whenever I shared my feelings and my emotions. Even though I don't believe what Bee told me, but I understand why Bee said that to me. It is hard for a student and a working adult to fully aware about each other's situation and things we need to handle over time. Sadly, we are still working hard to achieve greater level of understanding about each other, to build stronger trust and faith in our relationship and turning those odds into our love nest's fertilizer. I willing to do anything that Bee wants from me, to the point that this little insect will always be happy, blessed and peaceful by my side (although it stings painfully sometimes)

The journey of a long distanced relationship continues... Let's hope it is a beginning of something great.

November 11, 2014

与守护者的 第100天





October 17, 2014


It's been a month in Glasgow, Scotland. Mum just reminded me in the morning about it when we had conversation on Wechat. Time flies so fast before I actually realized it. 

 The memories of the farewell at KLIA and the feeling of the first step walking out from the plane to the airport were still fresh, I was so proud of myself that I can made this far to travel, study, and enriching my experience in Europe. I was like, here I come! (breathe in). I think I have done quite a lot in the past 31 days. Most of the things are new to me, but thankfully i could adapt the culture here in a short period of time. I remembered the first trip that I made was to Kevingrove, where it was located at the West End, somewhere outside city centre. I was so excited to experience every little things like talking to strangers, find own food, look for place to go, and so on. 

I had three housemates, they are Jack from China, Ardi from Indonesia, and Mek from Thailand. They are duper friendly and we used to cook dinner together in our flat. We were so addicted in cooking especially stores like Aldi sells variety of meats, pre-cooked food and daily goods. I started to try and error different kinds of Chinese food which my mum used to cook for me back in Malaysia. So far, I learned fried rice, steam egg, soups, and some simple Chinese dishes. Probably more to come. Jack Ardi and Mek are students from the business faculty for a course period of one year. We are planning to go to the north such as Highland, Isle of Skye together at least once for the landscape over there.  

For my study, studio and dissertation are my main priority. I wish to do a better design and develop better thinking in spatial layout. So far, the tutors have been very helpful. Hospice is my first project, and second project is about designing a bathhouse. They are challenging, though, I find it interesting to explore. Dissertation is going on a right track now, according to my supervisor. I faced some problems at the beginning on defining a much focused title and research. Hopefully what I had chosen for my dissertation title will be helpful for me in the future. To balance up the study life, I continued my gym routine here with the fees of 96 GBP per year, which was so cheap. (if bluddy compare with CF)

Glasgow has been the furthest I have traveled so far in my life. It's lively, at the same time peaceful, and friendly city. A lot of shopping can be done, tonnes of museums to visit, and most importantly the landscapes. I have a few wish-to-go-places on my list which I hope I have chance to visit them when I am free from assignments. Lowest temperature was dropped to 1C and there is regularly strong wind around the centre. Primak became my favorite shopping place, and i tried getting a haircut at a barber for 8 GBP. Not too ugly lol. (People often said Asians can do better hair-styling, now i think their statements are credible)

Live. Experience. Work.

I could finalized my involvement in Glasgow for the past 1 month with these 3 words. Live: blending in myself in an unfamiliar context. Experience: exploring things like local food, great architecture, public transport, speaking slang and most crucially the weather. Work: spending enough time and effort on studies and side studies at the same time.

I believe things are gonna be better over time. This is just the beginning for my 2 years journey. Hope the weather goes manageable during winter,


October 05, 2014

与守护者的 第63天









September 17, 2014


As a Korean food fan, it never gets me bored of hunting new Korean restaurant when I'm in town. As a farewell before leaving the country, I jio Chooi Lian to try the newly opened Kim's dakgalbi for dinner.

 The restaurant is set up in two rows of tables with a circulation in the middle. It is quite packed and bad if you are that kind of person that doesn't like to have smoke's smell left on your shirts and hair since they don't have a good smoke management in the restaurant.

They don't serve side dishes like other Korean restaurants did. As I recalled the dakgalbi that I have tried from my Korean trip two years ago, I always wanted to try this delicious delicacy again somewhere in my country. We ordered a portion for two, and we took the rice set.

Chicken, Rice Cake, Cabbage, and other sorts of Korean spices. It tasted generally ok. There's no wow-factor for me.

Overall, if you never try dakgalbi before you should come and experience at least once. The food is generally delicious and kinda filling. Honestly it is not a good place to catch up with friends because of the smoke, particularly. However, me and Chooi Lian get into a cafe nearby for some coffee and dessert and share some last moment together before seeing her again next year.


No18, Jln Medan Ipoh, 1E,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Business: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm

Operates everyday accept Monday

September 04, 2014

与守护者的 第32天


这一个月我们一块儿做了好多的事情,有好多的第一次。印象最深刻的莫过于一起旅行的 那几天,好像电影情节般的自在,潇洒,甜蜜。在见到你的笑容,望着你乐呼呼的样子,都会让我感觉自己是最幸福的人。






August 07, 2014


细雨的夜空显得特别的宁静,让人内心沉淀在情绪上。经过风风雨雨的这一年,让我感叹说为什么在这大都市遇到的人,都不如自己想象中懂得珍惜爱?是不是都市人们都追求金钱,物质或是情欲上的爱情?他们用自己的感官去说服你现实所应该要呈献的一种形态,好比说,当你想要为爱的人编排浪漫,换来的却是:“请你实际一点,你长大了。”当你花心思,有些人却只会告诉你:“如果你给我什么什么,我会更开心。”  这些接近真实的例子好不胜数,让我觉得爱这东西变了质。




他是一个经验丰富的守护者。他曾对我说:“这个都市的爱,我自己也是从中成长的过来人。你那么年轻,血气方刚,难免会对爱好奇,期待,也不停的会去探索它。” (被说中了)这倒让我思考了自己对爱的看法。我有喜欢的类型,外表。我喜欢这样的,那样的。仔细想想,其实这不像是爱,而只是一种欲望。用欲望发起的爱,跟之前说的‘都市爱’完完全全相同。我领悟了这道理。




3814, 好吗?

August 06, 2014

July 21, 2014


It was a beautiful Sunday morning, a cup of nice coffee and sinful breakfast was so necessary. Garage 51 is easily spotted by its unique graffiti wall and color. It was located at one of the shops in front of Sunway University.

As you can see finding parking was a quite a pain in the xxx, people tend to double park around the cafe ( not a pleasant thing). We got a little luck that day in getting ourselves a parking spot while we got there.

A waiter opened the door for us and we were welcomed. It was packed with other customers, everyone was enjoying their food. We got ourselves a table on top of the container, which was being designed into a kitchen below.

 Food wise, they serve variety of English breakfast, the usual. I ordered the one listed in brunch's special, chicken piccata with couscous. It was my first time trying couscous, a type of North African semolina in granules made from curshed durum wheat. It was served with Avocado and a fried poached egg. It was delicious.

Up to trend huh? Well it's world cup, everybody loves it. This is the outdoor dining area, as you can see some of their furniture are garage-inspired.

A view from where we were sitting. Since the cafe is seated at one of the shophouses, I believe it was designed into a double volume space by taking out the upper floor area. It totally helped in giving a better sense of soothe to the customers.

They have a brunch at Solaris Dutamas too, namely Coffee Societe.

Garage 51
51, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor

11am-11pm daily
(closed on monday)

Price: 3/5 Average (imposes 16%tax) Customer Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Environment: 4/5

July 18, 2014


As I was passing by the housing area of jalan kampar, I went to pay a visit to a house that I was once involved designing while working in Kuee architects. It doesn't take me long to look for the house. 

this is how it looks like in Feb 2012

pool view
I still remember while doing the 3D rendering, we struggled on getting design approval from our client. This usually happened when the client doesn't know what they really want. When we come to this design, it was already 3-4 proposal before it. Well, sometimes after your client went travelling outside the country, they saw buildings they love and tend to give inputs into theirs when they come back. Sometimes the ideas may work, but most of the time they don't.

he is all grown-up in 2014

I think there must be a lot of decision making moments during construction period, as you can see it doesn't came out as proposed. Money-Time-Quality, the usual. This final design looks decent, just that I think it somehow loses an identity. The car porch roof is definitely a spoiler :(

Less is more??

all copyrights reserved

July 10, 2014


It was my pleasure being invited as one of the invigilators for my degree school's student final presentation. Many of my previous lecturers were there to invigilate the students, not to mention Huat Lim, a few seniors and other architects from elsewhere. It was like a small reunion to me.

Semester 6 student's works that I have seen were up to expectation, where visual presentation is good, technical drawings are satisfactory, and one most impressive work  from them is the site analysis video. It was fantastic, I would say, very informative and creative, a successful piece of work that expresses key things about the site. Huat Lim mentioned that the video can sell a couple of dollars to developers in Sentul lol!

After everyone has presented their work, the tutor, us and the students had a sharing session to wrap-up the day. 

This studio focuses on the goal in 'rehabilitate', the design should implement a program that could possibly solving the social issue on site at a minor scale. It was challenging to the students as well, in arguments where the building they design should provide substantial employment, opportunity and independence. We highlighted that, students tend not to spend time in planing, It is the most crucial issue for any projects in practice that the planing of your project requires effectiveness. For instance, the accessible road from the main driveway to your building should be effectively routed. Your client wouldn't spend unnecessary money to build something that is abundant.

Tectonics of the student's design was not highlighted in the assessment. However, some architects pointed out that students should have in mind on how to manage their building at all time. Yes, it has an impact on your site and your building. Sustaining the building is a concern, not in terms of monetary but occupancy. It will be under-utilized if the building serves only a certain period of season or time, despite having a nice program for its user group. Other than that, is also has to do with things like security, location of management office, number of employees in the building, and so on.

As their seniors, i noticed that most of the programs that were proposed by the students are identical: Urban farming, sports centers, cultural hub, and what not. I certainly understand why is this happened since I was like them during my final studio. Most probably it is because these programs are easy to tackle. As if, these programs can be placed at any sites they want as long as there is an empty land. It happened to my studio 2 years ago, and now this culture is some how self-sustaining. I hope students in the future can jump out from the box and able to propose more exciting programs, which would definitely lead them to another level in terms of thinking, planning and designing.

June 07, 2014


While working in DMP Architects I get to propose a design for a shopping mall renovation project in Malacca. Everyone knows that the great thing about Malacca is their culture and tradition. However, These luxurious of arts and culture don't seem to be expressed much in the urban context, especially the new towers and high rises in town. 

My design tends to showcase a blend of traditional and new elements as a whole, where both the old structure and the new towers are connected. New technologies, especially on the HVAC is crucial in order to make a successful planing that promote sustainability. From the environment perspective, the site is considered as low density of landscape. Greens are proposed as a cladding, which would works both as a shading device and compensate a habitat for the biotic constituents.

extracted from

Baba and Nyonya (peranakan) culture in Malacca has its unique fusion from the two cultures. On my design, I tend to extract the art from their traditional clothing into the facade of the old structure. The ladies traditional clothing has striking colors and patterns in their batiks, shoes, accessories and what not. By adding a bright red color with these unique patterns, it forms a defined texture that could delivery its origin by its own.

What if a building that could reminds you about your ancestors, at the same time providing you your needs and comfort in the future? I think it would be really cool

All copyrights reserved.

May 31, 2014


It was a lovely Saturday morning, Kate and I went for a decent breakfast with my sister in town. We decided to give a try on the red beanbag cafe in Publika as the online rating was satisfactory. We were expecting a crowd, as what we thought we need to queue for our table. We were given a tag that comes with food name (we got Latte). We got our table roughly after 15mins of waiting.

That's how the interior ambiance of the cafe look like. We ordered different sets so that we can have sip on each other's meal. You may find it difficult to read the menu because they have funny names for the food.

closed-up Sumo (RM22.00)
Kate ordered Sumo, some not so typical breakfast as you can see. Grilled salmon with poached eggs, served with spinach. Balanced and tasty breakfast to start a day. Basically it has nothing to do with Jap's Sumo at all. @@

closed-up Super Awesome Fryup (RM26.00)
My sister has a big appetite ( haha). She ordered the Super Awesome Fryup, basically an English breakfast that has everything you need from cabs to protein. Love the scramble eggs

The Atlantic (RM22.00)
For myself, I wanted to have some lite breakfast ( actually i saw a lot table having this meal ) so I ordered the Atlantic. Fresh salmon served with poached eggs and mushroom on a toast. It was quite tasty, but it's definitely not a portion that can feed a typical guy. Again, why Atlantic???? 

I think the best part from what I've tasted is probably the egg. They have their own recipe (I guess) which I think is different from other cafe. The environment, somehow was abit too noisy for me.It is packed with crowd from the time I came into the cafe, and remained noisy when I leave the place. Anyway, the waiters/waitress are polite and friendly.

Latte (RM9.00)
Red BeanBag Cafe
Lot A4-10-8, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutam
Tel: 03-6211 5116
Operating Hours:
Tue-Thu 10am-10pm
Fri 10am-12am
Sat 9:30am-12am
Sun 9:30am-10pm

Price: 3/5 Average (imposes 16%tax) Customer Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Environment: 2.5/5

May 19, 2014


I believe that every birthday is unique. It somehow showcases how much you have grown every year, or what you have done for the past 365 days that created the current you. Nevertheless, you would find out who are the ones that remember your birthday, or who that loves you like your family.

This year I have two new bros, Jeff T and Kelvin T to celebrate this special day with me. They surprised me in the middle of our singing session, with a cheese pie and pop-out-birthday-karaoke-song. Jeff was too shy to sing a song for me, boooo. This two dudes are special to me, they cheerish my good side, and show support while i was not in shape. 

I've been thru something terrible for the past two weeks, they are the ones who walked along my side and help me in fighting my emotion. I had never tear for someone that much in my life. It ain't easy to let it go, It hurts like a thunderstorm penetrated through my vain. What was left behind was a dusty red scar casted on my soul. It was once so pure in loving a person with everything, Maybe this is what people used to say, where love is a process to grow, sometimes in a painful way.

Walking forward is challenging, despite those new challenges that await me in the next couple of months. I want to grow stronger and become a tougher man. 

April 20, 2014



这个周末我病了,不过也只是小病,轻微的发烧和头痛。妈子给的 paracetamol 的确有劲,吞了药再睡一觉就可以爬起来杀只老虎什么的。不过这不是重点,只是接下来想说的其中一部分。

今天我们又冷战了。原因又是一样的,陈旧的,那些无微不至的小事情。它还是以往的爱抱怨我的情绪化,不过这次它加了一句:你很难安抚。这句话倒是听进骨子里去了,在你面前情绪化只是一种我自己很自然的表现,原来对你会造成困扰。我真的错了吗? 我想了想,可能对你的态度就是真性情,毫不修饰的呈现在你面前。可能真的苦了你了。






January 19, 2014


Development in Kuala Lumpur is going real fast, this phenomena had lead to a disaster where buildings look very similar to one and another. This project consists two blocks of 16 stories condominium, me and my colleague Vince try to address the design by emphasizing frames. We intend to break the language showing the typical layering, RC copping and even the usage of louvers. We proposed multiple balconies to express continuity within spaces.

all copyrights reserved

January 04, 2014





目前有几项计划都在规划和进行当中。似乎这一年会是个丰收年哦。bobbi 啦,我会尽我所能把每件事办妥,再好好去外国念书。




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