August 19, 2013

QUACK #3: 康熙来了

The only TV Show I'm watching. Too real to be funny. Best laughing medicine at all time.

August 18, 2013


as promised, I always wanted to deliver her my art.. hehe. hope she likes it!

August 17, 2013


I love my queen mummy. Let me be your little hero no matter what.

August 07, 2013


[ Been writing in chinese language for quite awhile already, it's kinda deteriorating my english writing skills so bear with my pro-less vob. haha. ]

Hi guys! greetings from Kuala Lumpur. I've been settling down in Bangsar for a couple of weeks, 1 month and a week to be specific. Things seem to be getting along quite well, whether it is at work, part-timing, social life, and even rship. I've been enjoying my life pretty well, not to mention a brand new working environment where people are new to you, dealing things with local regulation and stuff like that. It seems that my plan works, but yet I couldn't really foresee the hidden challenge, maybe it might takes awhile for me to discover them. I'm patiently waiting.

For you guys info, I am actually employed by dmp architects, Mr.Jay Yeunh is my boss and Karlson is the architect I'm assisting. He was my ex-lecturer, working with him is fun I guess. Haha. I was pretty upset by the table that I get to place on during working hours. That particular spot is a headache, as I got to see the view of the stairs ( people are going up and down) and the printing machine is placed next to my desk ( big crazy chaos around). I can't really focus on my task sometimes due to these distractions. Pitty huh? Well, I hope I could adapt it, as long as the internet connection stays excellent. wahahaha

One of my weakest skills hasn't improve yet, which is my financial management shit. I don't seem to have the talent from God on how to deal with money. He knows why because I'm suck in savings. Lets say, I don't care about the price of the food, as long as I wanna eat it at that moment. I don't care about how much I have to spend on a date, as long as we are happy. So yea. Anyway, I have my own saving ideas, like skipping my dinner, buying cheaper coffee and what not. They helped a little bit, but still at a very beginner level la. I tend to buy less stuff too, or looking for sales product. Hehe

I am staying at Sri Impian Condominium in Brickfields, in case you guys are looking a yumcha kia, or jio me a hangout. This place is loaded with Indians, i mean LOADED. Seem that I could deal with it peacefully too. I am not racist, just a bit too much of curry and spicy food for me. Haha!

Life's just get started. Still a long long way to go... how long?

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