September 29, 2013



September 28, 2013


A free and easy Saturday should be filled up with nice food. So I decided to try something new after reading through some restaurants's facebook page. This is a nice half-shop cafe you will keen to try out if you like special noodles with interesting ingredient combination.

Charcoal Noodle with Vinegar Garlic, Lychee and Shredded Chicken

Savoury Wontons with Thai Seafood filling 

The food is quite refreshing. The cook challenge your perception of wanton noodles with their very own way of making noodles. My blackish charcoal noodle was served in cold, with fresh lychee, soft shredded chicken and vegetables. The portion of food is just nice for me. I was quite disappointed with their charcoal noodle, there's lack of surprise in taste. Anyhow their wontons are good. 6 pieces are never enough for me :P

menu list. very interesting dishes esp on the sweet wontons. Lychee Wonton~?!
Their price is a little expensive though. Well, it's located at Bangsar Telawi anyway. Good things that they don't have any imposed tax since it's a self-service-cafe.

They have some ice-cream for dessert. I think the girls would probably love them.

No:9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. Just opposite Affin Bank Operating Hours: 11.00am-10.00pm on weekends, 12.00pm-10.00pm on weekdays
closed on Tuesdays

Ratings: Customer Service: 4/5, wifi available
Food: 3/5
Environment: 4/5

i should do this sort of food blog more often, esp on the weekends while baby was not around.

September 04, 2013


I couldn't deny how hurtful that was whenever I got ignored by You
whilst the next day You'd behave like nothing happened
worse come to worse You'd even blame me of being inconsiderate
effortlessly You put things away, like how You did to my feelings.

yes to say I'm weak,
to certain extent for relationship like this
You were once the focal of my life
but after all we been thru it seems there is some changes on that
You were manipulating things like a professional gamer,
and I had been a total amateur in that game
I would be stupid enough if I had thought i could still win the game

don't always expect that I can be as patient as possible,
because You are supposed to be lovely, not taking it for granted


I wonder why

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