July 31, 2009


I had never experienced the feeling of being so helpless.
Seeing my phone is running out of battery in no time, i was thinking whether it can stay until I reached Ipoh. Looking at the watch showing it is almost 4pm. But the damn KTM is still not coming to the station.
I reached at KL Sentral about 4.15pm. I ran to the station to masjid jamek and plaza rakyat with my fastest speed.
Finally, I reached Pudu at 4.35pm. I hope the bus is still there. But somehow, the clock there showing 4.40pm and the bus is already left. Wtf? One of the trans people told me to go Duta station to wait for another bus to come. Ok so i did.
I went there about 5.10pm, thanks to the dumb taxi driver who took wrong way for few times. When i reached there, the trans people there told me there is no other bus here until 7 something,and they don't allow late comers to go into the bus. What? What the hell the trans people in Pudu told me to come here? Nia Sing, i wasted all my money for all this stupid public transport. I wish that there all other companies who sell Ipoh ticket, unfortunately there are not. In other words, I can't back Ipoh already. My phone is out of battery, i try to borrow phone from taxi driver to call my mum. You know what he said to me? "Mana boleh pinjam" Ok fine, i don't understand what is in your brain anyhow.
And now, I'm sick. Dunno where i got the sickness from, maybe inside the crowded KTM, or Pudu station with a lot of people hanging around. I suffering sore throat, flu and cough at the same time. I borrowed RM200 from Jo Ee for dinner, consult doctor and the taxi fees.

Frankly speaking, we should not count on public transport anymore. I will never take it and yet, NO MORE Tranasional. u guys are sucks!

July 29, 2009


The first 1k of visitors achieved in 1 month time.

here is the stats for July

y-axis: total visits per day
x-axis: date

Upcoming will be another awesome thing to be happened
Kinda need you guys supports to fulfil my goals.
Keep yourself busy visiting tuck-made.blogspot.com kk?

July 28, 2009

没有DT的日子 第一百八十二日 晴

最近的我 还忙过牛仔.

昨天 无意中
在facebook 的某某角落
起床后 只是想到等下跟谁借笔记
我就可以去facebook add 你

所看到的人, 事与物都比较广了


July 14, 2009


Hope so.
Haha, another extraordinary(which means super ordinary) day but yet still blogging to update something. Feel like wanna write down something that delighten me in past few days.

1stly, Thanks to QiQi Wong who accompanied me half of the day on last saturday. We went to Jusco for the show ''Ice Age 3 the Dawn of the dinosour''. This show is kinda awesome, but i didn feel anyting special that i can give aplause to. Maybe i have grown up and feel cartoons are boring. But the anime they did is perfect. Qiqi said the fur looks real oso. She seems kinda enjoy. Since that was the 1st time she watch cartoon in cinema, she laugh her ass off sometimes until surprised me. HAHA. then got one boy boy(she say very lengzai one) spoke loudly to his mum when he taught Peaches didnt come out. Haha. funny though.

xX With her Big Apple Donut Xx

After the show, we spent the rest of the day lepak in the mall and then yumcha at Yeode English Greentown. With Loon, Penguin, Qiqi and Jin.
This day did made me feel better.

Yesterday nite i saw 2misscall from Christina at late nite. She wanna ask me for lunch today in Sunway since she is dropping by Subang for a moment to buy some stuff. Althought is a short break of only 1hour. But feel like must go to meet her. Haha, to see my na jie got grow fatter onot. We met at entrance and hugss. She really skinny la. I can feel the bones when hug her. Haha.. We went to KimGary for a short lunch. She introduced a fren of her to me, oops i forgoten the name.. a very white girl with long straight hair. Small eyes, red cheeks.. haha.. but is COLD.
Chris said she is an air cond in the class which tell cold things to people. Interesting ..
Rush back to school at 12.55pm. luckily is not that late when i stepped into classroom. Ms.Tee still busy distributing exam papers there.

Just now something kinda stupid happened. Thought wanna iron my clothes but after i on the plug, whole house gone dark. Before i did that, i was wondering should i put the plug into there consisting 2other plugs which already there connecting modem. Due to lacking of space in my room, i have no choice but made a try. Haha, who noes, it really affects the electricity one. So stupid la me. Feel sorry to the other tenants.

Guess what? OldTown Kopitiam has a brand new menu ldy!!
Got some new stuff to eat oso. But i still stick to my favourite nasi lemak special~

July 13, 2009

没有DT的日子 第一百六十六日 晴


没什么 就呆呆上了一天的课
一样是没完没了的 homework


正在走着.. 走着
who knows


I believe

July 12, 2009


Dont know how would this happen, i hope it never happen again. Last week, almost everyday i got strikes, shocks from people. This n that, which made me really feel bad. I told myself forgot the thing, better day for next day. But however, strikes keep their attack that i couldnt even avoid them. Who cares?

Stikes from school, from club, from friends, from family.. even from myself. I try to be happy, be friendly to classmates but they just dont think like aprreciating. I try to discuss some notes with classmates but they dont seem like 'i trust you' that kind. I try to work out for the club but they just ignore my effort for no reason. I try to communicate with some friends but it seems i was like a toy which to entertain them when they r BORED!
Family. Everytime I try to share something with them, but they dont feel like listening. Hey, what happened now. Do i really like a NERD????? Do i really not QUALIFIED to speak? What u guys think LEONG YEAN TUCK is? Simply a bastard huh or what? I got feelings oso. If u guys really think i m, please tell me earlier so i wont waste my time doing all this stupid things anymore. I rather prefer alone than seeing you guys with all that faces. FUCK

"WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" from armstrong.. this is not real. Although I love this song but i dont think the world is wonderful. Nowadays people are so hard to mix with. I aint know how to choose a friend that really can always b with me everytime i need them. People are selfish. Who cares about ur failure anyway? They would say: Your problem, fixed it yourself. or.. This is not my business. Even when i use my heart to treat some of you, but i didnt think u all will do the same thing to me. Fine la, Friendship is worthless. I dont think i will waste my money, time and brain juice for friends like last time anymore. Better find a girl friend asap and thats it

Some people say 2012 is the end of the world. I rather hope this is true. So the world will end and i can stay away from this .. die and start a new life.



July 09, 2009


Something really frighten me today.
Is not crockroach
Is not lizard
Is not tmnet bill
Is not money leakage
But is economic paper2

I was like a mad guy starring somewhere for a moment when im thinking my econs 22. I remembered i mentioned it in past blog. But somehow, the feeling come n go again starting from tuition.
Others r discussing about the AS paper 1. But whats on my mind was the crtical period i had during the real exam. Feel so bad. I really sked i cant get an A since the part i didn do well is containing 12marks. If the whole mark gone, i still have 88left. How to get A ? Oh my god
Really hate this feeling.
The results will be coming out on 10th August. still got 1 month left. I feel so stress. This anticipated B, gosh. I DUN WAN!
Really hope i can get an A.. i dun mind if its a weak A.
At least is not B.. Pls pls.. bless me.

To Sandra:
Sorry. Dont think that u mad me up
Is just my mood is swinging.
That stuff v can do it later.
Settle your problem 1st k

July 07, 2009


Something to share with you guys today.
In case you dunno him, let me tell you something amazing of him 1st:

Well, his full name is Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan, currently the 3rd richest man in south east asia with net worth of US$4.5 billion. And what interesting is, he is a Malaysian! Besides Uncle Lim, Krishnan is another great people from my country who can made the country's name well-known.

Is such a shame that I don't know him until i saw the report from Yahoo about the Newcastle transaction. He wanted to buy this football club with 95million pounds. Wow, isnt it cool? How many Malaysian can do this anyway?

What he do to make him so rich?
He is a businessman. Before he went into multimedia arena, he went on purchasing oil drilling concessions in various countries, then went into gambling sector in Genting, stud farm in Aus and running a Hollywood cartoon studio.
He started diversified into multimedia in 90's . The well-known part is the owner of ASTRO and MAXIS. Others like operating MEASAT (malaysia satelite), Aircel (India Telecommunication). What surprised me again is that Tan Sri. Krishnan owns Tanjong PLC, which provide us TGV theatres. He is just so fantastic!

His house in Australia:

Name:Kia Ora(means welcome)
Builded by: John Towler (in 2years time)

Consisting a large open deck space, a heated swimming pool, two fireplaces, beautifully landscaped gardens with stunning native plants, and breathtaking views from all sections.

This multimillon dollar house won the prestigious 2006 Housing Industry Association Hunter Home of the Year Award in Australina House of the Year contest. Amazed me once again. But one thing im wondering is that whether Ananda took australia PA or not..

HE is so sucessful in making money. I wonder how he do it but somehow, people said he always know what he wants. Thats the thing. Just like Uncle Lim. Maybe this is what made Ananda a billionaire.

July 06, 2009


Today is such a 'tuck' day.
Spirited day though. I felt i am who i am today for being as Leong Yean Tuck.

Well, it is most because of my utilisation for the studies i planned for evening went smoothly. I finished revising overheads, marginal costing and network diagram in about 2n a half hours. Now being kinda 得得地 already.
Love this. I extremely love this. If i could be so tuck everyday, i will have good results for my alevels. haha. But how to keep in continuously? Not sure. Mayb is all depends on the emotions. And c whether i got enough sleep onot. Highly self satisfactions r acheived today. Whee~

Well, i wanna thanked the visitors of my bloggie for the 1st time. I didnt expected some of u r such supportive. !stly i wouldnt feel great to expose my personal stuffs to u guys but somehow i wished i could share all my things will u all. U guys gave me the motivation to make my blog upgraded and looks better than last time. I appreciate all the visits and hope u guys can always come in n share with me. Once again, arigato kozaimas =)

Btw, i got some problem with my streamyx bill. I wonder why the bill had gone up so high like RM253.65 since my package is RM110! Anyone of u noe why?

July 05, 2009


It is just sien sien sien. Can't help being such a sien day in Subang.
Another boring day it is.
Sien sien doing sien thing in the room. haiz, why ah?
Sunday should be the best day for everyone wo. Lol

Well, spending whole day with maths thing and the internet. Then in the evening went pyramid to seek for amy. HAHA! nola. seek for stationary at popular. Today is the 1st time for me to walk directly to the shopping mall. It took me about 20 minutes to reach Haagen Dazs at Sunway Pyramid. I enjoyed the entire way since it was so windy n no direct sunlight throughout the journey. fhufhu~
But i hate the haze and the carbon monoxide from the cars. This polluted air are so often as u can see in everywhere at Subang. Feel so uncomfortable with it.
It was a speed shopping as i don't want to spend too long in the mall and waste time. I spent 2 hours there sambil had dinner with HaoQin. After that went home and then start doing maths again.

Enjoy the fries while doing the vector thing. yum yumm

Hmm, i heard from mum that my 2nd sis just arrived in KL to start her study in Cheras. Well sis, no matter how ng song we both  against each other, i hope everything to u is fine over there. Have fun and hope u appreciate the chance u have to study what u like the most. I am waiting to have a dance pro sister in the future. All the best!

A day just gone like nobody business(it is not yr biz anyway)
Such a boring day.
sienz sienz sienz!

July 04, 2009

没有DT的日子 第一百五十六日 晴


一下又要找人 一下又要想去哪里
很无聊诶 如果会煮就好
至少不用烦 而且省时间

新目标来得正.. 这学期就是充满着龙门
充实一下自己 杀死懒惰细胞
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