December 25, 2017

Archicomic: It's Not Easy Being Green

have a merry green christmas and happy holiday! 

greetings from Ken Yeang and Tuck

November 19, 2017

Archicomic- It's Not Easy Being Green

"Designers must seek to achieve a seamless and benign relationship with nature's systems and the biospheric processes. We should no longer design a building simply as a synthetic structure disconnected from its natural surrounding." -Ken Yeang

August 12, 2017


Dear fellas, my book is finally launching in this coming Autumn. You can pre-order a copy for you and your loved ones at this link: AMAZON

It’s Not Easy Being Green, literally tells the reader that the idea of ‘Green architecture’ is not as simple as many expected. It’s not solely about energy efficiency or putting out different levels of vegetation, but it is an extensive dedication and cautious action towards natural and built environment. Ken’s work has demonstrated a comprehensive set of strategies making Green Architecture feasible and practical for architects and professionals from other fields to understand the importance of saving the world from environmental devastation. The book intends to raise awareness and concern on environmental issues, and suggests ways of how architecture can be design now in favor of a benign living environment.

published by ORO editions

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