January 23, 2011


It's been a great day hanging out with all family members and mum's side relatives. We had a great day gathered along and spent time in KL.

Well that's a reason that brought my family all the way from Ipoh to KL for a day. My uncle-my mum's elder bro-my Popo's eldest son had passed away last year december. N This is the day of 4th(if not mistaken) for us to pray him at the temple arround Ampang.

I really wish something like this wont happen again and i have to see my mum tears and being so worried that grandma couldnt overcome such shocking news. But all these have been passed, and all of us r ok now. Just we need to spend more time with grandma by avoiding her loneliness in KL.
Back to the story of the day, after spending some time in the temple: praying-settling payment stuff-so n so, I'm glad to see grandma was in good mood n ready to hangout with us all day long. She is cool. :)Well my cousin was leading the way for lunch. He took a big round around KL's busy street. I was wondering whether he did that on purpose or? haha. At last he brought us to Central Market, left our cars there, n walked to Petaling Street.
At first i was like what? Petaling street for family's gathering? Sounded weird right. It's so hot yet crowded. We used to go there only too seek for imitated goods. But who knows there is a placed to eat, n yes, with air-cond. :)

Thats the restaurant. We need to climb 3floors up to have our seat. abit dot.dot.dot...
Hmm this shop is quite famous with its hokkien mee. I could see some photos taken by the owner with celebrities. Which means, nice food. haha.
Finally, food are here. Just taken one of em which is the famous dish- DAI LOK MEE. Looks okok only. taste okok oso. it's good but not outstanding i would say. But for KL, it's considered as above average.

View from the restaurant- Petaling street's T junction


My granny-the tough woman

Group photo of the day. Eveyone's getting tall n i m growing old!

After the super-full meal we took a light shopping arround the street. We bought some delicious durian pastries, n they are really nice! Mum bought some 'good-luck' plant for cny. so called-
风信子(风调雨顺-顺风顺水). Nice right?

Found some pretty roses there. There are so elegant and beautiful. Just like someone.

We went back Cheras and had dinner before going back to Ipoh. Auntie Forng dropped me at Taylor's before going back Rawang. N she quoted something that kept inside my heart. N i will do it. Hmm what a day right? This was such a good day to spent with the people u have no boundaries with. Like i said, family. warmest thing on earth. U could never found any other things like that. I appreciate it alot. N Leong Family, love yea! :)

January 21, 2011


Another usual friday with kind of stress-dropped feeling since most of the assignments for measured drawing are done. Excited! Well was planned to go for a walk in shopping mall but postponed it to tomorow. So for tonight will be a sensation of food in SS15!
Ajak PiYao to join since she is arround. We were craving for nice food before going Snowflake. So we found Bentoya n yes we're gonna have that for dinner!
quite a simple&nice concept for the interior

ms.Tan Pi Yao. haha

I forgot the name of my bento but it's a combination of rice-salad chicken-kimchi-vege-dumpling and green tea. The food it's fine but not really outstanding. N the price for my bento is about Rm15.90.

Finally, we r now settled down inside Snowflake and ready for the snow snow snow desert!
Crowded like sxxx wei
flakies: soya ice series vs grass jelly series.
SOYA ICE SERIES with Sweet Potato, Barley, and Pearl

Yea everytime when i eat this, i just cant stop praising the delicious dessert here. Healthy, yummy, unique.... so n so......
But still, i was complaining about the dessert is kinda too filling. especially those series with bunch of ice and topping. My gang n i were discussing about opening a business of ourself n this came across our mind. "snowflake has its qualities to be developed"
anyway,SCREAM for desserts!

N yes. it's so happy to eat these food in subang. Sometimes i just couldnt tell what to eat inside campus.A great outing with piyao. next stop: Tmr's 1utama outing wohoo!
(piyao 1st try out on dslr XD)

January 19, 2011







希望如此吧 :)

January 18, 2011


Has been awhile from the last post. How u guys doing?
Currently im sitting in my room, enjoying every breeze from the aircond and typing in front of the laptop screen.
These days are kinda packed for me in university. Yea almost everyday i have spent my time in my studio, keep on learning as well as working on autocad. The process its challenging and fun. I would have never enjoyed it without the seniors arround me giving guidance and help us to get the work done. No doubt i've learnt alot in these semester. N yet, have fun with them XD

Hmm. something not really happy to share here. Well it's not really that bad but still, my self-esteem kinda like wavy. I got a grade of my sketches lower than what i've expected. Hmm n if, to compare with others im just can do it better as it should be. Learnt my lesson though. Just letting u guys know im not gonna let my guts down, HAHA!

FELIXON SAWING- yes im introducing you!
If you were my facebook friend, u might see this guy spamming on my wall almost everyday. Haha! Actually, he is my kinda new buddy in Taylors. Freshy of Architecture life. We both met just a week ago from another fren of us, n seems like we can have endless topics and talk almost everything right until late night. Such a short period of time and we can be so closed. Yes, i think it's incredible. Maybe im friendly? haha.. or should i say single man like me needs a bud to share the life with before my Lady god appears one more time.

Time's passing fast.
Another week to go for the end of semester. Can't wait for the long holiday! :D

1..2...3..4.. gonna take a super-morning bus to KL later. bye guys.

January 09, 2011


It's January. JANUARY. a new start of everything.
What kind of feeling you have for now?

'RELOCATING' will be my answer. Relocating my position in the aspect of frens, studies, and quite alot of stuff in this starting point. Can't imagine that someone that is important in my bro list is actually so fragile to stand even a fight with me. I have tried fixing our problem but seem he is not interested and try to avoid whatsoever he thought is true.
Fine. I will just wait and see what u gonna do while we r gather in group.

Crap. Seriously nothing in the world remains unchanged. changes can happened in seconds. No matter what happens, i just hope that i can stand all of them with a smile on the face, and yes, im trying hard here.

So do u guys. Have a great year ahead. Resolve urself if can!

January 03, 2011


失落沙洲-外面的世界-Open Your Eyes-童话-记得
Was trying to release stress while doing assignment. Singing do makes me feel better.
Just to share with you guys.
Hope you enjoy :)
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