April 28, 2011


Dear blog,

Life has been busy all the time, sorry for lefting you out from my attention.
I feel kinda weird nowadays that people around me start acting unusual.
Like i said, i hate kiasuness, and i hate people that gave a damn to me when they think they r the better than others. Generally speaking, they r jerks to me. they r nerd enough and lifeless.
I feel bad when i see them working extraordinary hard, but they don't know they actually changed overtime and start giving shit to people. They like to ignore others. They like to keep stuff themselves, knowing that they need to be unique. They cant share because they want to standout and beat others.
Sounded extremely Kiasu isnt it?

But you see, humans are like that. U called them animal sometimes.
They need to fight and survive everyday, knowing that they are not alone.
They thought that being strong is the key to success in life.
If u need to win, u need to fight and beat others.
Those who dont fight, they are losers whom have no reason to live.

however, someday ago, i turned to be one of them.
yea hating the person inside my soul, the evil that taught me this.
Why we need to fight so hard to survive?

u know bloggie, everyday i need to get ready myself, holding the emotion of hatred and go thru the day. seeing them in the school like stressing me out mad.
They come and go, trying to tease me and putting booms on the shoulder, i feel just to hug them and activate the bomb. Arrgh. university life.

Why cant it be as simple as, if u still remember, study and learn things?

How i wish the world can be simplified. As in, yea, easy come easy go lifestyle.
Life is meant to be enjoyable and meaningful. Not just Fight u know.

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