January 31, 2012


1st week of introduction to the company was a surprise to me. I was actually expecting a firm with bigger human power since the company had produced numerous high reputation and good buildings like Taylor’s Lakeside Campus and Damansara Uptown residence. Then I realized that the workers here are well-contributed in controlling their time to complete their own tasks. This could be the reason a small scale firm with big achievements. Having to work in NWKA was fun. From small tasks like tidying up the material samples in the closet, to something like handling projects and experiencing all sorts of different work in the industry. I have witnessed the process of how buildings are plan from scratch and as well to the stage of construction drawings.
The experience that practicum has given me is really good that it helps me both academically and personally. As an architecture student, I got to know more about how this industry is operating in practice. Unlike studios and all, the company is mostly concern on pricing, whether or not the building design is nice, iconic or has a good aesthetic value. I have witnessed that the designer has no choice but to reduce the height of the bungalow and cut down the number of windows to save cost. Sometimes, the ‘decision power’ was not in the designer’s hands but client. I was told to propose a pitched roof design as client’s preference even though a flat roof was my first choice. All this I don’t get to experience in my design studios. I did realized that all building designs will go thru stages of modifications from time to time. There are plenty of corrections, changes to amend on drawings, model, perspective and details. Thus, flexibility is important, and as well time must be well-managed.
6 weeks seem to be a short working experience, but it had influenced me in thoughts and stuff. Well here some advice for you if you have decided to go for an internship in architect firm:
1. Do not hesitate to take any opportunity when you think it is within your ability.
2. Ask evey small details that you don't know. It's better to be foolish instead of pretending that you understand everything.
3. Try ask different kind of tasks instead of doing the same thing over and over again. Remember that your 1st mission is to LEARN.
4. Bare in mind, it's a golden chance to build your reputation for future. If you do a great job, people may like your performance and they will be happy to hire you when you have graduated.
That's it. hope this little small tips could be useful to you. Good Luck!

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