July 18, 2014


As I was passing by the housing area of jalan kampar, I went to pay a visit to a house that I was once involved designing while working in Kuee architects. It doesn't take me long to look for the house. 

this is how it looks like in Feb 2012

pool view
I still remember while doing the 3D rendering, we struggled on getting design approval from our client. This usually happened when the client doesn't know what they really want. When we come to this design, it was already 3-4 proposal before it. Well, sometimes after your client went travelling outside the country, they saw buildings they love and tend to give inputs into theirs when they come back. Sometimes the ideas may work, but most of the time they don't.

he is all grown-up in 2014

I think there must be a lot of decision making moments during construction period, as you can see it doesn't came out as proposed. Money-Time-Quality, the usual. This final design looks decent, just that I think it somehow loses an identity. The car porch roof is definitely a spoiler :(

Less is more??

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