December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! (postponed post)

Ho Ho Ho~ Merry Christmas to everybody!
Yo guys. Sorry for this late wishes. What u guys have done in this lovely festival? I just came back from Penang n Bukit Merah, celebrated with my ipoh gang. It's a wonderful trip.
Gather in a dim sum restro n had breakfast. 9 ppl squiz into Estima with the bags. Starring Fei Fai, WynSheng, Singkit, DMS, Caiching, Joseph, LMH, GuGu Ben n me.
all guys in the trip. Yea its a bit sien. But at least we boosted our friendship haha.
So 1st to go Junxian house in Batu Ferringhi. Due to some technical problem on the GPS, we headed to Jalan Acheh which it's in the north part. haha. Planned to find, cendol ice!!!! HAHAHA! It was'nt there anyway. Getting back with GPS leading us to Rasa Sayang Hotel n then Junxian's house. After a short break, we're heading to Ge Lok Si for laksa n Temple, then Gurney n nearby hawker stall. We r bored in the shopping mall since we cant watched movies n no pool. Sien sien sien. Was planned to countdown there but it's way too boring there.No spraying there for the 1st time. So we decided to go back batu ferringhi n had our countdown in the beach. HAHA! We caught crabs there n scream all the way. EHY!


In Ge Lok Si with typical cameraman *me*

Crab catching session. Joseph gets pro on it!

before get going to Bukit merah

It's time to say good bye to JunXian.. headed a dimsum restro (dim sum again) in pinang. Its competitive to Foh San n yet cheap. Thanks DMS for the introduction.. next destination seeking for bank to atm. haha.. spotted Public Bank. After that straight going down to Bukit Merah.

Dim Sum in Penang, forgoten the name ><

Loon n Burger is going up from Ipoh. Its just a short way to BM. We reached there kinda early n look for the freaking apartment 1st. God damn it we found the apartment in the very beginning, but the ppl there 'dim' us to here n there saying it was a wrong place. After 4th time approach, we went back to the same place n yes, they say it was actually here. Lame service. N yet, they said our apartment was occupied. So then, we got a better apartment from them, the Suria Services Apartment with a low price. Thank god for that.

too bad we didnt have time to take a snap with everyone inside

We did the check in only after went into the water park. Loon n Burger reached shortly. 1st i thought not to go into the park for rashes sake. But ended up going in oso. haha. i cant miss the time with my frens. So just dont care. Play 1st. haha.. Yea right i was worry about it. But i had no regrets coz it was really fun. I enjoyed every moment in the park. Esp the part of V shape game. We played one by one n see everyone;s expression. damn funny!

the entrance ticket**

Was planned to play volleyball in the sand park but it's too late for that.. we spent the whole evening inside the water park already. haha. At night. Fei Fai planned to cook spagetti for us, showing all his skills of cooking. Too bad, the noodles was overcooked. we bought tuna, bread, new spagetti noodles, maggie back for the back up. No doubt, the sauce he cook for us is delicious! White sauce spagetti, yummy...

Fei fai's cuisine. White sauce spagetti. Loon's noodle parody

Cards time! 21 dots. Wonderful games with them. Won few dollars (probably when singkit plays the role)buahahaha. Huat arr!

Huat arr!!

It's was tiring wake up morning. My neck was hell painful.
Had a buffet breakfast in the apartment, n guess what, it's a free breakfast! Haha.. was initially 4 free vouchers, ended up 11ppl went in. Haha
After that we went back Ipoh straightly, reached Ipoh about 12pm. Straight to IMAX for counter strike n left4dead. 11 ppl in a row. RM5 for 3hours inside. Was suffering headache after the games. Singkit fetch me back home about 5pm. Home Alone in the big house is simply scary. Haha. Was planned not to attend any more gathering when my rashes started to kill me. But still, attended Yixiang's farewell at Ipoh Royal Golf Club at about 8pm. Met everyone who not seeing them for some time, like Wilson, WyeYip, WaiYin, PiYao, Jisan, Nai Woon, Glenn n Yixiang. Mushroom soup there was delicious. Yixiang is going to California soon. Hope it wont have anything happen on 2012. haha..

Mushroom soup from MP, ipoh royal golf club

Next stop- wynsheng house bbq. It was.... f..u..n. Guess everyone is exhausted. Burger then going back Terrenganu after consume some food, n all of us left about 11something. I was planned not to back home since is so far, but still im home. It's dark n lonely. thanks for the sms from frens to accompany. Sleep Lonely aint easy man. But i made it. Haha. Im an adult.

For everything it goes, i love everyone everything. My rashes wont be distracting me. Thank god. Lastly, Happy Holiday to all my brothers!

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