December 20, 2009


WOW. Proven that people will only upload their blogs whenever they feel moody, sad, negative stuff. It's been sometime from the previous uploads. Holidays stills happy. buahaha!
Currently staying in dad's office. Whenever there's task to accopomlish, im needed to be in office even in midnite. But somehow, im enjoy this job, it's relaxing n flexible. Well, i don't considered myself as employed but helper for dad. I don't think i deserve the wages.
Besides these stuff, im just like any other folks, movies yumcha lepak etc. Enjoying the holidays with friends budd n bros. Yet still, im lonely single man.

Well, went to Subang Puchong KL Cheras last Saturday with KengLeong. We took Plusliner to KTM KL n take the train to Subang. It's the 1st time he take it in KL. After our breakfast in Sunway, he accompany me for salon. Feel bad that he waited me for a long time. haha
Then, meet Xiiaoru for lunch n Lakeside campus session. We had our lunch at OLDTOWN, then we head to the campus. I was asking about architecture n she was asking Law. Well, it was attractive to study there, with the damn chun campus. One of the lady lecturer of the course was consulting me. She explained it very well to me. N yes, i think im confirm to take the course, just hesitating where to go.
We left the place about 5pm.
Then, she fetch us to Time Square, dropped us there n left to find her fren. Walk arround with Leong n bought some DVDs. He left me arround 7something there and im waiting Sandra to pick me up alone in Time Square. I was so bored. haha.. so bought a magazine n enjoy some donuts at Krispy Kreme!

me, KK Time Square n hotels all in one snap. *i was too bored in the cafe*

Original Glazed and NewYork Cheese with an iced Americano. dine in in KK is much better than taking away.

After that, she was 1st saying to take me dinner at a very nice Yin Yeong stall, but too bad there was pasar malam there as so, we ended up at KFC.. haha.. fattening again. We had dinner plate.
After tat, she fetch me to my grandma house at Pandan Perdana. Thanked Sandra for her help. Finally, 1 day gone just like tat. Grandma looks lonely in her house since grandpa passed away. I stayed there for 1 nite n went back ipoh the next day with her by Mr.Foo. With a deep feeling in heart. Dunno why, I think im a jerk. Moody for reasons like tat.

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