May 01, 2011

One Lazy Day

was sitting inside amp square right now. beers. n doing assignment with laptop? haha
let's talk bout yesterday

Yesterday was a day of sausage outing. haha.
Was waking up around 12.30pm. Looking at the window, it was pretty bright shining. Angry birds are ringing continuously from the phone. Felixson messaged me to wake up and get ready for the trip to KL. Mummy called me to tell me that grandma is getting back to KL tomorow. And yea, i know it will be a day of enjoyment and zero studies. :P
Met Felix and Nic at school around 3pm. Felix surprised me with the f'ing awesome hair cut from the salon at school. Haha. He was pretty annoyed by the people lously skills and keep telling me he wanted to make himself bald. LOL
We went Kelana Jaya just to take LRT n switching monorail @bukit nanas. After that, we are here at bukit bintang.

Sungei wang--farenheit--pavilion--lot10. Quite pretty nice outing aniway. Bought something i wanted from Uniqlo. AT LAST!! haha. taeyang's tshirt. but too bad i cant search any sweater there that i really desperate too. haha.
The day is fulled with fun. so called sausages have all their own fun. Felix finally cut his hair at A-salon farenheit where he praised the professional service with cheap price.

I was pretty tired. but yea craving for the next trip! Probably putrajaya


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