May 14, 2011


Hi Sunday morning! 8am is the best to sleep somehow.

Just finished some models and got some ideas on head, transforming to some awesome concepts(hopefully). Haiz, life as an archi student is just too unbalance. U can choose to sleep, but you wont. Not to mention hang out. That's always a solid pull back from these that i couldnt help from it. Life is getting busier from second to second, n at the same time quite boring. Wake up, working for subjects to subjects , and sleep. Been staying in the room for 2/3 day, plus minus eating outside n doing business in the toilet. Super-sienz. Plus the room is now equally mess with the studio at school.
LOL. Imagine that.

So well, i have chosen to live that way. I have made the decision last two years ago and i said i will concur it no matter what. Somehow, i would still complaining to you, my blog. how stressful, how busy, how meaningless, n how lonely i am during the university life. Yet I know a person that is successful in life wouldnt have complained but solve their problems. But letting go the words stucked in the brain is the best way to keep me going on the routine. Yea, release does works. should be the way that leads to my great mission of the semester.

Keep Going. N archi-mates, go go go

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