August 07, 2011

Eason Chan DUO TOUR 2011

It's Saturday! Which everyone's craving for him, Eason Chan! This is my 3rd concert and yes it was a superb one. If you know he sings well in his CDs DvDs MVs blablabla, he sings even better in live concert.
Took off a day just for the concert with housemate Deric n his frens. We took lrt & monarail to go and come back. Thanks to his friend's friend we get 20% discount for the ticket. It's my first time to go for a concert at Stadium Merdeka. The place is ok, just that outdoor concert for me kinda like lacking some sort of enclosed feeling. U tended to get spotted easily especially those guards that catch people who take photos lol. I was being warned once though. Lets get back to the concert. Pics will talk to you about the high-ness! (click photo to enlarge)


Getting started


Last song(encored)

Well not so many pictures taken for the concert. I've been busy enjoying all the songs inste The concerts are quite simple in terms of surprises and interesting costumes. But the quality of music, sound system and humours of eason are as usual awesome. Especially my favourite song: 陀飞轮

Here is the list of songs of the concert:


Overall: 4/5 ! :D
More about the concert visit here

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