September 24, 2011


Writting in english has been a rare practice in this blog. As you can read i'm quite obssessed with my 'mother tongue' these days. LOL. I don't call myself an imba in language. I just used to type like how i used to speak thats all.

Well, my mood tonight is simply 'looking foward'. Next week will be my 1st experience joining 'School's Activity Week' to Korea. SEOUL! It's been sometime i wish to visit this country. Not to mention the food, the people, and the cultural practice. Fashion of course, as well as the architecture essence we used to see in google and books. How am i not to be excited right? Im now deciding what to bring, what to buy and so on. How many bags should I bring? HAHA! ain't gonna bother about my assignments for now! haha kidding la. Next week still got assignment to submit. Thus missing some classes as so to complete what i can do in tutorial with lecturers before departing to Seoul.

I love to travel. (Who does'nt?) But then, this trip could be a headache moment for my parents since they gonna have extra expenditure for this month. And it's not a small amount i suppose. They have been grateful to me i know. They knew i like Korea n how eager i wish to go. This proven how that mummy n daddy love me! Im truly appreciate their efforts and i know, no matter how i mention here it wont be enough to express my feelings towards my parents. But i will still sol: I LOVE YOU DADDY MUMMY, saranghe! Let everyone knows how much i love u both!

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