September 12, 2011


Hey guys. Have been away for quite awhile since the last post. The reason is always lacking of time posting up blogs everyday. Yet it gone worse that i could ever imagine how bad i felt for last week. I dont mind sharing with you guys.

Pain to say that, that's my very first time didnt make it for the verbal presentation. My group was trying very hard to get on time pasting up the boards on time, but too bad we failed. We reached late and lecturers dont allowed us to present anymore, but just pinning up the boards and let them cred. The feeling is nothing like breaking the glass and let it shattered around the studio. Summore we spent too much time on CAD-ing n left out chalet model behind. But still, the worst part is that the details we did was left in the house, forget to bring and show them. Cant u see how bad the situation can be. I bet you can never imagine.

After sacrifising 3 days of sleepless night and yet we failed to submit on time. Everyone got their own responsibility and i make it clear for myself. Although it's just a 25% module but still no doubt i have been worrying for my studio for this sem already. Once the time management had gone out of control, u can never got it back on track. Planning is still the important point. No matter how great is ur design, ur concept, but without sufficient infos i don't think i can score good. Well, let just make it my lesson then. A heavy one.

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