December 18, 2011


It's been a while the feeling of 'insomnia' had come to me. The worst part is that I still have to work for a whole Monday as intern. aiks hopefully i wont fall asleep later.
Seem i have left my English behind for quite some time as well. The feeling was awkward because i can't really figure out words and sentences to keep myself writing anymore. Deteriorate of language i suppose! Writing mandrain is such a nice thing to do for bloggies. lol

Typing all this shit out. What is it all about and WHY?
I used to ask silly question to myself where people might don't understand the reason i did that. To be frank i doubt myself as a jerk like i dont really speak well, do well, and all day pretend to be someone that the socially acceptable. It's hard for not being yourself but to follow people's mind-set. Life has been so tough if it continues all the way until you die.

Then you might ask yourself, WHAT have you been doing all these days when you were alive?
Answer is: waiting to die. isn't it sad? but it's so true. People trying to live, struggling to earn money and pay for the bills, food, even insurance to secure their life and survive.
Like for me, why am i studying so stressfully? answer: JUST to earn more money, get a better car, a better bungalow, a better living. All these shits I aint gonna bring along with me when i die. SO WHAT FOR? money is just a tool to satisfy needs. Or in other words, your desires. dont let it control u.

ahh. too much craps around.
im so wanna sleep.

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