February 23, 2012

A VISIT TO Onix Jun Korean Cuisine, Ipoh


Well, as an ipoh lang, 1st came to your mind when you think about Korea food will definitely be DaoRea. But well, you can have an option to try Onix Jun (大长今) korean restaurant. This was my 2nd visit to the restaurant, the reason of going there is because to try their bibimbap~well it's my favourite korean dish now and would love to try and compare vary shops.

The food, hmm.. its ok or i would say the dishes are not too salty nor spicy. The fresh veges and chicken is delicious. However, the rice is abit too sticky to chew. May be it was overcooked or too much water.
Pricing wise, it is normally charged. Rm15 for bibimbap. I had tried their sushi (Kimbab) which is nice as well, just the same problem on the rice.

I suggest you to have a try. Well, it's a business of a Korean family, i guess. the cook is a Korean himself . I am quite particular on this where i don't like food cooked by non-origin foreigners. lol, you should know what i mean.

Restaurant Onix Jun 大长今韩日料理
31, Jln Medan Ipoh 4, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh
Tel: 012-5377530 , 05-5477530

Business Hour
11.30am - 3pm ; 5.30pm - 11pm
Sunday 11.30am - 11pm
Closed on 1st & 2nd Tuesday of each month


Poh Lyn said...

Are they still operating? I live nearby the area and frequently go to other shops around there, but I don't notice Onix Jun. Can you let us know the exact location?

If it's not there anymore, I will be really disappointed.

TuCK leong said...

Yea. Sorry for late reply.

R u staying in ipoh?

Poh Lyn said...

It's okay. Thanks for reply. Yes I live in Ipoh. I found it and I already went with my sister like almost 5 months ago. I'm going again someday soon. The food there is really nice.

TuCK leong said...

You are welcome, they tend to give the customer the home feeling while dining in the restaurant. Food is not too shabby

Poh Lyn said...

Yeah I really like it there. The shop might look old but when I entered, it feels nice and clean. The food is also cooked by a Korean. That's what I like to try the most! Definitely going back there often.

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