March 21, 2012

March in Ipoh

Hey there!
It's been nearly a month away from the last post. Indeed im not in the mood of blogging this month. LOL. there are several reasons for it.

Well, normal stuff happened along the month. I am currently working in an architect-firm as 'trainee' to fill up the empty slots of this long holiday in Ipoh. I'm quite into the job im following, not to mention the experience that i gain from the projects. Different state has their own style, rules and requirement to follow. N money? i guess it varies as well. ( PRICE DISCRIMINATION in economy)

The feeling of working in the firm is like home. Felt a little bit of stress but on the other hand, bosses are nice people till they allow me to facebook all day long. haha. Stress-less aura can assist better quality of work. Trust me buahahhaha

Another great thing to share is that my health is getting way better ever since im taking chinese medicine. I don't know why, after been years taking all the pills, cream watever u call it. the Chinese herbs and soup seem better, yet more effective than the tons of medicine from the specialist. I feel relieved. N everything is going fine up to now. Im totally grateful about it.

Here's a big smile for March, because I worth it, and same goes to you all.

P/S congratz to all the SPM-ers that got great results today :)


siong yee said...

feel glad that ur health is getting better.. hope u will stay healthy always~~ =)

TuCK said...

Hey siong yee, thanks for ur comment. I hope so! HEALTHY always.
Same goes to you. :)

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