April 13, 2012


There are plenty of questions for me to ask around, but sadly they is no one could possibly answer them.

These days i have back to the DARK AGES where i hardly found myself comfortable no matter how exciting things around, even i am so so used to quarantine myself from the public. It's been the 2nd week of semester 5, everything just kick-started but seems to be lot troubles will come very soon.

QUESTION 1: How to get rid of my bad condition of health
this question could possibly no one has the answer, i guess. Not even the doctor. i tried everything u told me to do, i put on medicine every single night, and always looking for a better tomorrow. things doesnt seem to be working out effectively. 6 years. 6years of suffocation

QUESTION 2: Why me
my vision now is to be, as normal as any of my classmates, my friends, my family, or my enemies. They r blessed with healthy body, which allows them to do whatever they want, drink with a bunch of bros at the bar, smokes like a poser. Why cant i enjoy sports, go gym like those people do. N what i am doing all day? Fighting with the pain, stressing for not to get scratches when i woke up, and bleed less on the foot. An when ppl said they are dying bcoz they got fat, because the boyfriend/girlfriend are annoying them. Please.

QUESTION 3: Whats the meaning of all this?
I would rather a reason there for me to suffer all these killing pains, well at least i need to know the cause for all this. I m freaking out to see parents spending all their money on my medicine, which doesnt really help me alot. I just hope there is a stop. Unless, God, u have a reason for me to get so difficult in life.

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