October 03, 2013


So that was a night I was invited to 'A Musical Collaboration' by Carol to enjoy music again. It's been awhile to let both my ears chillax with harmonies and cool voices. The show was performed by a group of children's choir from Kunming, China called the Red Leaf Choir. Full girl members, aged about 13. And yes, they sang chinese songs and some famous cover like Beethoven's classic.

i ain't sure this is belong to the centre (cos it doesnt look blending in) but the guard didn't allow me to try sitting on it
Dpac facade catches your eye with a tremendous lighting which make it clear enough to define itself as a performing arts space (crazy electric bill ke). It has a modern touch on the side which is like a open lanscaped area with lighted platform, green wall and water feature.

Well, since I'm an architect-wannabe, I'm totally turned-on by Dpac's interior as well. If you were to compare with Klpac, Dpac is relatively smaller in size, which means they don't do big production I suppose. Two levels, first floor is an opened administration office. Communal spaces on the ground floor are arranged in a bit of cloister way, as if they have some stories to tell. They are like small corners, have a little relationship with each and another. Oh yes! authentic. 

there is an interesting painting found in dpac. first came to my mind- localized inception

That's Carol, the got-style conductor and pianist for the school choir of SRJK(C) Chung Hwa Damansara. Thanks for the inviting, I've enjoyed my night with China's harmonies. Makan supper in Kayu Nasi Kandar

car passage right in the courtyard? cool
Here are some other views  in Mutiara Damansara which I found them worth sharing. The ambience was great at night, perhaps a different interpretation of commercial spatial design. As you can see, that's heavy usage of brick finish with modern steel and glass. Cool huh? To me it sort of characterizing itself to be more Malaysia style. I would love to pay a visit again, maybe during the daytime would be cool. (p/s very little shades along the corridor )

sense of hierarchy with neighboring led building
that's abit of copycat, but it worked for me :)
fun night !

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