October 11, 2013


I was supposed to share these awesome views of Utar since my visit on March, well finally I'm now tended to do so. Haha, I guess that the campus shouldn't have vary much in the past six months. This building is what my mind would think of whenever I came across the word 'Utar'. Couldn't help with it, it's too iconic.

It is not hard to find element of the traditional Chinese architecture elements throughout the new building in Utar. You know, like long linear corridor, shiheyuan (courtyard), fengshui implementations, symmetrical proportion and what not. I think it's interesting to have students study in such ways, and these spaces have no doubt in adding value to the surrounding environment.

This pre-fab private chalet could be found at several area around the campus, providing students to have an individual chill out/study space, though they are not very well maintained. But somehow this reflects how student's welfare are being considered. Just another restaurant for the mosquitoes then.

Greens are valuable. The campus are very well landscaped, despite there are still dense daylight exposures in some area. For the courtyards, they should be appreciated. These skinny tall trees ain't cheap you know.

They are more architecture elements to be found. Took a good glimpse of the languages they applied

This library of Utar is my favorite. Understandable details, and I cherish how the rhythms of the windows are carefully arranged. However, the building seems to be under-maintained especially on the bold envelope. Those individual elements on the outside are somehow outstanding, kinda lacking shades. They didn't tell the same stories with the premise though, I think.

You will be welcomed by an opened main staircase with skylight while entering the building. Love it

This lake view in the library is totally breathtaking. Imagine while you get so stressed up, you can just take a short break and enjoy such wonderful scene of blue skies, you know.

So the architect of UTAR development is The Architectural Network (TAN). For your information, they received the PAM gold award in the education category 2013. And my current boss Jay was the UTAR council member. That explains the cups in my office pantry are labeled with UTAR logos. Woops

That's all, should also thank to the two quties for bringing me a day trip around UTAR. Ms Lee Sau Yin and Ms Elaine Wong Ee Ting. I love the campus, students should have embrace it! :D


Maple Shuh Hong said...

LOL, I study in UTAR kampar and still 2 more years to go, but it seems like you appreciate all the elements inside more.

Looking at your pic, most of the photos are nicely captured, but the library photos gave me the real feeling.

I think you should go UTP's chancellor complex to have a look. Their library is IMPRESSIVE.

btw, I wrote at ksh2772.blogspot.com

TuCK leong said...

Hi Maple,

Thanks for your comment. Yeap UTP has a featured library design by GDP architects.I wish to step in one day.

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