December 25, 2013


I've heard of this restaurant since when Gabrielle was still working in DMP,she showed me some awesome foodporns in her cellphone telling me how delicious the food she ate here. So yea, some good food for christmas.

Something totally weird where the main entrance of the restaurant is totally UNSEEN. I tried to locate the restaurant by visual, but I never get to find it until I got the direction from the receptionist. There are two entrances, one is from the outdoor car park space, and the other one is actually from the village grocery! Surprise. lol.

The design is quite identical to most of the franchise restaurants which is cozy and modern. The noise here is quite bad anyway, but tolerable.You'll be welcomed by a long mirror when you enter the restaurant ( if you use the entrance at the car park area). As usual, you gonna queue and wait for your seat. The tables they got here are quite limited, it was full-house when I arrived. The service was good, friendly waiter/waitress.

As a starter, i order pork meatballs, 3 per serving, with tomato sauce. ( Actually i can't wait for some porks ) They are juicy where you would feel the contented pork while you bite them.

They serve variety of drinks: alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, shakes, soft drinks, etc. I was surprised by the variety of wines they got here, it's like a wine shop. Alcoholics gonna love them. We picked up mix berry milkshake and butterscotch  milkshake for.our drink The butterscotch is fantastic. Someone said that the berries milkshake was tasted like a cough drug. LOL

The wolf's favourite pasta ( RM29.00)
Pork Lover's Aglio Olio (RM29.00)
Caesar Salad With Fried Poached Egg (RM22.00)

The restaurant serves pork knuckle (RM98), pork burgers, pastas, asian pork cuisine, soups, etc. We ordered their recommended pasta as our main course. Personally the so called 'wolf's favourite pasta' tasted marvelously good. I like how they combine the crunchy and soft bacon together with creamy pasta, some mushrooms and an egg. The noodles are welly cooked too. However, though the aglio olio tasted good, but someone claimed it was too oily. They have roasted pork in the pasta as well. The portion of their food was just ok, maybe to some big appetite dudes they might not be enough.

merry christmas face

I will probably come back for more!

LotG1A, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village,
No.1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur.
+60 3-2283 2270
Operating Hours:
Mon to Sun -

Price: 3/5 Slightly above average (imposes 16%tax) Customer Service: 4/5, NO wifi available
Food: 4/5
Environment: 5/5

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