May 19, 2014


I believe that every birthday is unique. It somehow showcases how much you have grown every year, or what you have done for the past 365 days that created the current you. Nevertheless, you would find out who are the ones that remember your birthday, or who that loves you like your family.

This year I have two new bros, Jeff T and Kelvin T to celebrate this special day with me. They surprised me in the middle of our singing session, with a cheese pie and pop-out-birthday-karaoke-song. Jeff was too shy to sing a song for me, boooo. This two dudes are special to me, they cheerish my good side, and show support while i was not in shape. 

I've been thru something terrible for the past two weeks, they are the ones who walked along my side and help me in fighting my emotion. I had never tear for someone that much in my life. It ain't easy to let it go, It hurts like a thunderstorm penetrated through my vain. What was left behind was a dusty red scar casted on my soul. It was once so pure in loving a person with everything, Maybe this is what people used to say, where love is a process to grow, sometimes in a painful way.

Walking forward is challenging, despite those new challenges that await me in the next couple of months. I want to grow stronger and become a tougher man. 

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