November 19, 2014


"whenever there is love, odds will be in our favor." 

I used to have this in mind, a strong belief to hold especially when my partner's love is some sort the best I get so far. Let me call this person as Bee. Bee is my partner, a person that loves me more than myself. We set goals for our future and we work hard to get close to these goals even when we are separated into two different spots on earth. We visualized the future that we will have by the time I'm back to my home country and always get excited when we talk about building our very own 'love nest'.

As I remember the time when we got together, our friends thought that we were crazy. They thought that separating a month after we got attached was irrational and at a bad timing since I will be away for 2 years. The bond of Bee and myself will become an obstacle for me to fully experience my life in this new environment, they said. Some claimed that "this kind of relationship will never work", but all these negative comments didn't stop us from holding our beliefs.

It's been 2 months since our last meeting in the airport. Different timezone became a problem where we experienced an inverse proportional of day and night. We never share the same time to get into bed, nor having meals at the same time. We started to get busy with our own life by ourselves. Bee became very busy with work, co-curricular activities and interviews for new job, and myself were working on my studios and dissertation from time to time. We started to spend lesser time on our conversation and video calls since we don't have much free hours at the same time. 

We shared stuff around us to each other from time to time by sending pictures, encouraging quotes, selfies and a lot more other stuff like an ordinary couple would do. Though some stuff became unnecessary to share with Bee when the right timing has passed, or something that I thought Bee might never bother to know. It gets complicated when we talk less, and  a lot of misunderstandings of what we did and said to each other which lead to war of words. 

Thinking back of all the bitter sweet we been through, I suppose love is the only thing that Bee and I believed in and to hold as long as we can. Bee claimed that I have been thinking negatively nowadays whenever I shared my feelings and my emotions. Even though I don't believe what Bee told me, but I understand why Bee said that to me. It is hard for a student and a working adult to fully aware about each other's situation and things we need to handle over time. Sadly, we are still working hard to achieve greater level of understanding about each other, to build stronger trust and faith in our relationship and turning those odds into our love nest's fertilizer. I willing to do anything that Bee wants from me, to the point that this little insect will always be happy, blessed and peaceful by my side (although it stings painfully sometimes)

The journey of a long distanced relationship continues... Let's hope it is a beginning of something great.

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