December 27, 2014


It is funny because every time when I about to start writing my dissertation, I tend to practice my writing here in my blog. It's just like a warm-up for the brain, LOL. This is the day just after boxing day and Christmas in Glasgow. It was pretty calm, peaceful and cold. Though I have missed the celebration with my family and my loved one in Malaysia.

If you are a frequent visitor, you probably realized there's this live traffic feed, on the right bottom page of the blog, which tells the visitors and the post they have read. Surprisingly some posts of my 'war period' back in 2010 showed up so I read some of them. It is always hurtful to recall the past. But it is not always a bad thing, as it makes me even more stronger in person and appreciate things that I have right now, especially a healthy skin. 

Back during Christmas eve, me and my housemate Zhong Yi, two lonely guys (hahaha) cooked themselves dinner and enjoyed a great old movie 'Forrest Gump'. It's a movie back in 1994, narrating a guy who has a low IQ of 75 became a football star, survived a war in Vietnam, been to the white house a couple of times, playing international ping pong match in China, not to mention owning the Bubba Gump shrimp company. Everything just come simultaneously for him, and he survived. Most of us have trillions of things in our head to achieve, having many desires to be rich and famous. And yea, most of the time we never get any of it just because we are too desperate about it. I believe that this phenomenon of Forrest Gump could be credible in the reality. Most of all, I think his lovely mum is the best thing, probably the core energy that made him succeed in every situation he faced. Here's my favorite quote: 'Death is not the end, it's just another part of life'

So I guess this would be my last post of 2014 because I'm heading to London tomorrow till 2 January. 2014 has been a 'grow-up' phrase of my life, the obvious one is of course studying here in the UK, then knowledge and challenge I faced while working in DMP, love-affair-breakup moment, many first times (woops), and so on. Anyway, I had set my resolution 1 week ago, and I can't wait to achieve them all. Wishing everyone a good year ahead!

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