October 02, 2009


Try to make myself healthier, buffer, greater skin or even destressed by just sitting inside the steam room for like 15mins! What a great things to do man. Just sit down and let the humid room sweats you to achieve ur goals. Enjoy reading it!

.Adapted from FairCare

You`re Steamin`, Baby!
The Turks and Romans were the first people to use steam treatments. They provide heat and humidity. It uses wet heat, which makes it a great choice for anyone with dry skin. Studies have shown that regular steaming can decrease stress, rid the body of toxins and increase circulation. Steam rooms can also relieve sore throats by moistening the air. Additionally, the steam room can alleviate congestion of the upper respiratory mucus membranes. For courtesy, remember to lie on a towel when using a steam room. Most steam rooms work on their own cycles. Although many people try to speed up the steam cycle by throwing water on the controls, this is not advisable. Quite often, this can make the room unbearably hot. To avoid losing steam, you should also remember to close the door securely when entering and leaving the steam room.

Some Like it Hot and Dry
The Finnish sauna dates back to the year 1112. Research tells us that it was dug into an embankment in the ground. Centuries later, saunas were built above ground with wooden logs and rocks, which were heated in a stone stove until they were hot. Some researchers say that saunas can stimulate the production of the body`s natural painkillers, such as beta-endorphins and norepinephrine.

Steam and Sauna Safety Tips
· Avoid alcohol prior to steam or sauna us. Alcohol works as a depressant. Since it causes the blood to move slowly and the nerve endings to shut down, it counteracts the benefits of the steam and sauna.
· Older people need to avoid or limit their time in the steam room or the sauna.
· People with heart ailments or respiratory diseases should avoid the steam room or the sauna
· If you experience dizziness, problems with breathing, leave the steam room or sauna immediately.
· Drink water before and after steam room and sauna use.

Steam and Sauna Beauty Treatments
Most hair, skin, facial, hand and foot treatments can be enhanced in the sauna or steam room. Once again, for the sake of courtesy, avoid heavily scented products, and be sure to cover areas that might leak. If you are conditioning your hair in the sauna or steam, cover your head with a plastic shower cap. You can use manicure gloves or pedicure socks for sauna and steam hand or foot treatments. Keep in mind that if your hair tends to be slightly oily, to avoid "overkill," it behooves you to limit your heat treatment to five minutes. After you finish, a cold shower will close up your pores and add shine and body to your hair. If you have access to some ice, it will help give your skin a rosy glow!


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wahaha...i tot ur posting sumting about d mooncake festival in ipoh..ended up posting an article eh..summore got time to change d blog color.. ><"

TUCK said...

Haha yeala the article just modified abit from the webpage..
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=Purple TeenG= said...

wow... nice...
last time i always go steam room..
but now did not..
will go often because of you post.. =)

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