October 05, 2009


Gosh~ is the last week of class in school already. Which means A2 the final exams is just in front of my eye lashes. So now im busy preparing for the war, fight to win win and win

Didnt expect im uploading the blog here in library. Due to the stupid idiotic internet here i cant check my past year paper's answers immediately. I have to go back now and borrow someone's lappie and check it. As so. Im going back home in mins. Haha. Back earlier already.

Also, today missed the gym-ing sections due to the heavy work delegated by Mohan. I feel so, miserable for myself that AS econs still havent touch anything yet. The notes is still hiding somewhere in my stuffy room. Sucks man..

Shit.. now is only exams in my mind but no other stuff. Perhaps, i still hoping to destress by going sunway to have a nice movie during weekend? Yea right im still craving for movies. Hehe..
Day 1 is a slow preparation. Tuck get it move!

I M BUSY >.<

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