November 20, 2010


Something seriously a MUST-SHARE

This is the best bollywood movie I have ever watched. Seriously, thanks for Weiwen to share this in her blog, n so coincidently i found this movie in

If you are a typical facebook user, you probably found some inspiring videos which are familiar to you in the movie. Believe me you will finished the movie without any of ur concerns. Looks freaking long movie but sure you r gonna demand for more!
There are climax all over the movie, almost all parts of the movie are meaningful, yet it's so real with the one in practice.
Im not gonna write the synopsis because you dont need that! haha

So here it is,
aka 三傻大闹宝莱坞Frankly I don't really know about the actors at all. But they just pro.
Really an epic movie. Even it's better than Slumdoggie..

The cruel character of the movie. You can call him(in the movie) a genius, a prank, or a VIRUS! haha.. you will get what i meant after u have watched the movie!

Watch it guys, see how a genius thought a way to survive in uni life. Especially for those engineering under graduates dude out there! sure you will like it!
*the soundtracks are awesome too! i cant help dancing!! XD*

Here's the link for you to enjoy the movie
ratings: 5/5

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