November 08, 2010


Hi November. How are you?

Feel like blogging after the 2hours short nap. Monday. Sounds very stressful to everyone out there i think? Well, take it easy guys! Friday is coming so soon :)

There are piles of work to be done for the coming submission in Wednesday. I got a strong feeling to do it well. Just feel. I know I'm blessed by God, I know i'm living with the support of the parents as well.
Although the health monster seems came at a wrong time, I think I can cope it with my strategy. I need to meditate sometimes (sounded serious?), to make my mind empty, and recover the soul and also the weak body. It's aint easy to blend this with the stressful period.
Music does heal my soul. I love being surrounded with acoustics.
That's Tuck.
A guy who people call him 'emo'
A guy who stressed with health and studies
He got his Friend's with him everyday
He got his Parent's supports every minute
He got his God's blessing every second

Yay, Rock the world someday! :)

*OUCH, I cut my forehead today. It's really something epic that could never happened in my life. Haha. Got scar dy, call me Tuck Potter!*

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