November 22, 2010


Sem2 1st paper in finals
It was a Building Construction 1.
Section A: Short answers
Section B: 2Essays

Why said so? 90% I know the answers confidently. N finished up 15mins earlier. Haha. Actually can finish 1hour earlier but decided to sketch drawings nicely. So took up sometime there.
But frankly my satisfaction is high. Really hope to get good marks for this. But dunno why. When i was writing the essay question, i felt my English is depreciating. I hardly able to write like smooth sentence already. Time to take English tuition?

A brand new things to start. Gosh. Tomorow's paper is ESD (Environment Sustainable Design) which talks about environment those stuff..
FRANKLY! i havent started any revision by now. All the time had been consumed by revising B.cons paper n culture History. how how how?
Hopping that tomorow's paper is ok. Aah hardcore tonight!!

DELICIOUS! Another meal from OLDTOWN Taylors
--minced chicken rice--
hot. smooth. magnificent

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