February 22, 2011


It's been about 2 weeks that my laptop was sent to the factory for repair. But due to the high quoted price my dad said we should try sending the laptop to his fren's whom known to be a it technician.

Well that's been a disaster for me as it's like losing my right arm. I couldn't do much stuff without my laptop around. Not to say blogging :( . There are plenty of stuff to update. Unfortunately, the school is starting next week n my laptop is still left comma.

Using sis's pc to type some words here. If i could use it tommorow i will try update Chinese New year post n whatsoever possible haha.

Little updates just to please my deary readers :)

Well, having cellphone it's been a curse to me. I have lost 2 phones last year n spoilt 1. I have lost the intention to buy any smartphone or u called it IPHONE 4. Well, last week i have decided to buy Sony Ecrisson J20i (Hazel) which likely my-type of phone.

I've discovered it is a 'green' phone after i decided to buy it. Made up of recycled materials, electricity efficient n eco-friendly packaging. Im such an eco fan now. Haha. The phone is quite user friendly too. 5 mega pixel camera, wi-fi available, n a-gps support. N most importantly, it's sony ecrisson which i'm so used to the program inside. Haha. Had a difficulty on choosing the color at first. Red's nicer or what?

Well, my blackiie is really productive nowadays. I could used up the battery twice a day for facebook, video, games and more. Haha, so now it's my substitute of laptop XD.

Be right back guys! :)


yaoyao said...

i prefer the red one..XD but u probly bought the black?

TuCK said...

Yea. But red was my first choice. I've put my sim card into the red phone n wanted to pay l. But my brain asked me to get black in a suden. Haha. Abit too bright n sharp

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