February 01, 2011


Wohoo! Finally everything is done, putting my legs up on the table n enjoy the days. haha.
Last few days, i would say it's epic rushing n plans. No choice but have alot of problems just pop up for me to solve. Thank Buddha for giving me strength to overcome all that.

Have been totally messed up once the short semester ends Just the second my holiday starts, problems just pop-up for me to solve. The tenancy of Hostel is the core. I was planned to renew my room but too late for me to do so. Also, im required to clean up the room before cny. Im like what?? i need to clean up everything right after my submission of portfolio and before my taxi come n pick me up. I got 3hours to clean everything! N this is how my superb room looks like during the busy semester. *caution*


LOL. I have no choice but needed to come back hostel again on Sunday to finish up everything. :( I've managed to pack up everything except assignment stuff. it's like 50% of all the stuff. haha models, materials, tools, whateva shit that inside my room. haha.

Massive makeover after the whole night cleaning

At the same time, i m having problems for the stuff that i couldnt found a place to store my boxes. Has been so worried that im gonna missed the taxi. Cousin, frens whoever i could think of to help me. But too bad no one actually able to lend me their hands.
At last, Daphne became my savior when she sms-ed me. She turned up and willing to lend me a space for my archi stuff.. She is such sweety n nice! Really thankful, without her i might not able to make it n needed to kick myself ass. Haha

We spent some time taking picture arround campus. Had lotsa fun!
After everything is done, finally taxi came around 4pm to pick me up. We found some jams along the highway but still able to reach Ipoh around 6.30pm! :)

car's everywhere in highway!

N another problem is solved after i've booked the room at PJS 7. So im now like stress-free all the way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Whee!
Cant wait to go KK during Cny. Niway hope u guys have ur great time enjoying CNY too.

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